This guide of 56 (!!!) gifts for sewers will make it easy for non-sewing friends, family, and colleagues to choose amazing gifts for sewists.

Sewists: We’ve got to talk about gifts for sewing lovers.

If you’re not a sewist, buying gifts for sewing lovers can be tricky.

Only sewists know how much and what kind of fabric to buy. Only sewists know when to splurge on tools and notions — and when to buy cheaper options.

That’s why I wrote this guide of 59 (!!!) gifts for sewers and quilters. I want to make it easy for our non-sewing friends, family, and colleagues to choose amazing gifts for sewists.

For your convenience, I sorted the gifts into five categories: Read, Make, Smile, Work, and Wear. So, when you’re asked, “What would you like for (insert gifting opportunity here)?” please share this wish list of gifts for sewing lovers!

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Read: Books for Sewing Lovers

Crack open a good book about sewing.

Stress-Free Sewing Solutions: A No-Fail Guide to Garments for the Modern Sewist

Our sewing mentor, Barbara Emodi, has done it again. Reach for this book the next time you have to insert a zipper or sew a collar. Use her techniques, which diverge from conventional directions, to avoid sewing F.A.I.L.’s — followed all instructions letdowns. (I received a promotional copy of this book.)

The Golden Thread: How Fabric Changed History

This book is rolling in accolades and five-star ratings on Amazon. Discover how fabric helped shatter athletic records, take humans to the moon, sail the high seas, and more. This book has been on my wishlist for a minute.

I Sew for Fun Sewing Bundle

Nancy Zieman’s last project before her death in 2017 was “I Sew for Fun,” a book and public television show about sewing with children. This bundle includes the book, which is filled with simple projects for young sewists, and kid friendly sewing supplies.

Ahead of the Curve: Learn to Fit and Sew Amazing Clothes for Your Curves

Hooray, the Cashmerette book is here! It features FIVE sewing patterns in sizes 12-32 and chapters on the unique challenges of fitting plus-sized busts, shoulders and neck, arms, and more. This will be a good one for the sewing library, friends!

Hooked: How Crafting Saved My Life

Actor Sutton Foster shares in this memoir how art helped her channel emotions during life’s difficult moments. Sure, this book isn’t about sewing per se, but it may help you look at your stitching practice in a different light.

Threads of Life: A History of the World Through the Eye of a Needle

Ahoy, another sewing-and-history book! This tome reveal how sewists have used their craft to make their voices heard. We’re talking the monumental AIDS quilt, pink pussy hats, and more stories of memory, power, and protest. I could see this and “The Golden Thread” (above) being a good twinset!

The Art of Manipulating Fabric

Holy wah, it’s more than 350 diagrams of how to gather, pleat, tuck, shir, and more! This reference book could help you personalize me-made garments in an artful way.

Sew Healthy & Happy: Smart Ergonomics, Stretches & More for Makers

Raise your hand if a marathon sewing session has left your body in pain. *Raises hand* This books shows you the correct way to set up your sewing station for maximum comfort and how to keep those muscles stretched and lose so you can keep stitching!

Sewing Machine Magic: Make the Most of Your Machine

Become BFFs with your sewing machine. In this book you will learn how to troubleshoot common sewing problems and why sewing machine presser feet are the shortest path to leveling up your sewing practice. Wouldn’t this be a cool complementary gift to a new sewing machine?

One Line A Day: A Five-Year Memory Book

OK, my hubs and I both have these journals and we use them for day-to-day memory keeping. BUT. I think this would be an extremely cool way to track your sewing practice! Write down what you’re working on, how it feels to finish THAT project, which technique is hanging you up, etc. It’s great fun to look back and see how far you’ve come!

Pin Pals: 40 Patchwork Pinnies, Poppets, and Pincushions with Pizzazz

Not a garment-sewing book, but hear me out: You’ve got a lot of fabric scraps, right? And sometimes you want a simple project as a palate cleansener, right? *Pushes book into your hands* I think this belongs to you. Besides — look at that teeny tiny flying geese cushion!

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Make: Patterns and Classes for Sewists

Build a sewing practice with… practice!

Patchwork Chore Quilted Coat Pattern

I feel like I’ve see quilted jackets all over the place this year — and I’m here for it. This sewing pattern lets you turn a quilt into a relaxed fit jacket, with the option to make it reversible.

Simplicity 3939 Pajama and Coat Dog Clothing Sewing Pattern, Pet Sizes S, M, L

Why not take a break from sewing garments for humans and instead turn your attention to garments for dogs? Dogs in sweaters is a delight to all, and these four patterns come with cute names like “Bark Avenue” and “Yuppy Puppy.” Would be cute for your own doggo OR as a present for another lucky pup!

Charm Patterns by Gertie Sewing Community Membership

If you’re a lover of vintage sewing, Gertie is your gal. Her Patreon-based community members get exclusive behind-the-scenes videos, video tutorials, and sewing patterns. I’ve followed Gertie for years, and she is dead seriously about leveling up sewing skills.

Simplicity 8506 1930s Vintage Sleeves for Tops, Vest, Jackets, Coats (Sizes 10-12-14-16-18-20-22)

This pattern gives you eight different 1930s-era sleeve variations. And dang, these sleeves have style for miles! Think about the flair they could add to a modern pattern. You could sew a one-of-a-kind look with the help of these sleeves.

High-Waisted Bummy Shorts PDF Pattern and Tutorial for Babies and Toddlers

These baby bloomers would be a sweet baby shower gift. Think of the customization possibilities! Bloomers with mom’s sports team, bloomers with dad’s sports team, etc. Plus, they look like they’d be fast to sew and a super scrap-busting project. And anything you can do to highlight chubby baby legs is appreciated.

Fun with Fitting Pants with Sarah Veblen

This highly rated online class on features 17 videos, including an entire video dedicated to fitting yourself. Veblen is the author of “The Complete Photo Guide to Perfect Fitting,” so you can rest assured that she’ll guide you through the many challenges of fitting trousers. Here’s what I learned about solo fitting from one of Veblen’s classes: 10 Advanced Tips for Fitting a Sewing Pattern By Yourself.

Unicorn Handsewing Craft Kit – Make Your Own Stuffed Unicorn

True, this charming unicorn isn’t a garment to sew, but — stay with me here — I think she’d be the perfect sewing room companion. Because you don’t need FEWER unicorns in your life. And if you ever needed to practice handsewing (like I do!), this sweet kit would give your digits a workout.

ThreadCrate Subscription

Like your sewing with a side of mystery? You could be a good candidate for a sewing box subscription from ThreadCrate. Every month subscribers receive a pattern with coordinating notions and fabric. And if you don’t love your pattern, you can swap it for more fabric.

Ready-to-Sew Kit for Boatneck T-Shirt

Choose your T-shirt size and color, and you’ll receive a box with pre-cut fabric pattern pieces ready to be sewn together! Finally, someone is helping us get to the best part of sewing — THE SEWING. (Because it’s certainly not all the cutting, amirite?)

Handmade Linen (or Organic Cotton) Tee Sewing Kit

This kit contains pre-cut pattern pieces to sew your own cropped or regular T-shirt. The details of this shirt make it memorable. It features cuff sleeves and triangular panels. Sewists of many levels can tackle this project with joy.

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Smile: Just-for-Fun Sewing Gifts

Giggle, ooh, and aww over sweet gifts for sewing lovers to warm the heart.

Sewing Quote Tote Bag

I literally laughed out loud when I saw this cheeky tote bag. It’s true, though — I prefer to think of my stash as an ever-evolving fabric archive. No judgment allowed!

Sewing Machine and Thread Wooden Ornaments

These ornaments for sewists are laser cut from eighth-inch birch wood. The artist begins all her designs as hand-cut papercuttings. I appreciate the handmade look of these decorations.

Sewing: Because Murder is Wrong Retro Pub Sign Featuring Black Cat

This vintage-flavored metal sign speaks to me on several levels (OK, just two levels). First, I love black cats and have two tuxedo kittehs of my own! Second, I will never not snicker when I read “Sewing: Because Murder is Wrong.” Call me childish. Eh.

Retro-Inspired Sewing Knowledge Poster

What’s so cool about this poster, beyond its retro-classroom-chart aesthetic, is that you can customize its size and frame! This piece of art would be a showstopper as an oversized framed canvas, I reckon. What’s more, it’s filled with legit stitching intel that’s great to have on hand.

I Will Be in My Office Mug

Aside from it’s sweet artwork, the thing I like about this mug is that you can customize how the sewist’s hair color and skin color! We love inclusivity! Because all the beautiful BBs sew.

Sewing Labels, 200 Pieces

A couple Christmases back, Mr. Sie Macht got me labels for my me-made garments. And I can’t tell you how good it feels to add a tag to your clothes. It’s like inserting the final puzzle piece — strangely satisfying. These labels say “Handmade with ❤” and feature 10 different designs.

The Seamstress Tarot Card Vinyl Sticker

ZOMG I need this decal for my sewing machine cover SO BAD! So clever, so cool. Deeply into it. Or maybe I’ll put it on my laptop. Or maybe I’ll get two… (Psst! Check the comments for a coupon code!)

Sewing Sayings Pencils

Sewer-centric pencils for my note-taking needs? Yes, please. They come in different colors, too!

Fabricologist Definition Print

It’s another sassy sign for your sewing space. You can order this print in sizes from 4 by 6 inches to 8 by 10 inches. Stocking stuffer, perhaps?

Custom “The Simpsons”-Inspired Portrait

Gah, what fun would this be to give (or receive)! A dressmaker-specific “Simpsons” cartoon. I suspect this artwork would reside in a place of honor upon its reciept.

Fabric by the Yard Mug

Umm… No comment. LOL 🤣

Vintage Sewing Patent Poster Prints, Set of 4

These are reproductions of actual patents for a sewing machine, scissors, dress form, and thimble. Each print is 8 by 10 inches and would look sophisticated in a group or spread around. Strong contenders to be included in a gallery wall, IMO.

🎁 Dress Form Ornament
Sewing Machine Ornament
🎁 Spool Ornaments

OK, after inspecting my Amazon affiliate link reports, turns out you guys like these sewing-themed, glass-blown ornaments. And, who am I to deny you what you want? These might be the perfect Christmas gifts for sewists — one size fits all!

Work: Tools and Notions for Sewists

Improve the sewing process with top-notch sewing gear.

Oliso Iron TG1600 Pro Plus

This smart iron lifts the soleplate when you take your hand off the handle, and it features a 12-foot cord with a ball sockets that rotates 360 degrees. Plus, it comes in four sharp colors! So far in my sewing life, I’ve been all about Rowenta, but this iron made me do a doubletake.

Bootstrap Fashion DIY Dress Form

I am so pleased with my plus-sized dress form. It was a significant sewing project, but I cannot tell you how valuable she’s been to pattern development. If you want to sew clothes that fit you better, do yourself a favor and sew a Bootstrap dress form. You spec out the measurements, and, beep bop boop, they email you a size-customized sewing pattern for a dress form. (Yes, that’s a pic of my dress form!)

Tabletop Ironing Board

I recently joined a monthly gathering of crafters, and the last time we met, I had some pressing to do. And boy, would a portable ironing board have come in handy. I like this ironing board because it folds for easy storage.

Threaders by Crafters Companion Folding Cutting Mat

Ya know what else also would have come in handy at my last mobile crafting sesh? A portable cutting mat. Instead I had to drag along my 24-by-36-inch Olfa beast. This 17-by-23-inch mat would have been the hot ticket.

Ultra Large River Rocks, 3.5-5 Inches

Maybe you’re thinking, “GIRL, those are ROCKS. Why, oh why, did you include ROCKS on a gift list for sewists?” And I get that. But, look closer. You know what I see? PATTERN WEIGHTS, y’all. And, if you were so inclined, you could paint them, decoupage them, or make fabric koozies for them.

21-Piece Fashion Design Ruler Set

Could this be all the rulers you could want as a sewist? Probably. This collection of flexible fashion rulers includes many curved rulers, which are wonderful for refining armscyes, neck openings, and more. Because they’re see-through, you can see everything you’re working on even if the ruler is on top.

Dotted Tracing Paper for Sewing Pattern Design, 45 inches by 30 yards

Treat yourself to the style of tracing paper used by professional fashion designers. What makes this paper special is that it’s covered in a 1-inch grid, which makes measuring easy.

Vinyl Sewing Machine Cover with 2 Lateral Pockets

I’ve never seen sewing machine cover like this! I dunno why, but I’m a sucker for see-through stuff, so obviously this cover captured my attention. I like the idea of being able to walk past your resting sewing machine and seeing it’s there? Is this a Schroedinger’s Cat thing? Help? (P.S. The cover features two handy side pockets.)

Jenerates Seam Circles

OMGosh, you guys! You MUST click through to see this clever seam-allowance-drawing tool! How it works is you place a pen in the center of a seam circle and guide the edge of the circle run along the edge of a pattern piece. The radius of the circle is the seam allowance! GENIUS!

Daylight Omega 3.5 Magnifying LED Lamp

This LED lamp features four brightness levels, a 2.25-times magnifying lens, and a removable clamp. It also comes with a bag (the lamp can be separated into two sections), making it easy to store or take with you on the go. All this and a rotating head. Never sew in the dark (or distance!) again! RELATED: Bright Ideas: Lighting for Sewing Rooms

Refurbished Sewing Machine

Did you know that you can buy refurbished sewing machines (and sergers and quilting machines and cover stitch machines) from at significant discounts? Now could be a great time to treat yourself to a made-over machine. For example, there’s currently a Brother 1034D serger on sale for $199, down from $349. This massively popular overlocker sells for $249 on Amazon. P.S. Orders over $49 ship for free!

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Wear: Sewing Clothes and Jewelry

Show off love for sewing beyond the sewing room.

Sewrority Wear

Sewrority Wear was founded by four female sewists of color. Their hope is that Sewrority goodies, including T-shirts, tote bags, enamel pins, and more, will help sewists feel more connected to the sisterhood of our craft.

Scissor Necklace Set with Needle Case, Awl, Thimble, and Needle Threader

I would TOTALLY wear a necklace that held teeny scissors. Think about how often you make little snips and clips when you’re sewing (hello, thread ends?). Now think about how nice it would be to have a wee scissors on your person to complete these tasks vs. waving around your hands, hoping to touch a big pair of scissors in the process.

Sewing Heals T-Shirt

Does sewing mend your soul? If yes, you need this T-shirt from sewing entrepreneur Tabitha Sewer. I often use sewing to get out of my own head, and it’s definitely calmed me a time or three.

Sewing Machine Necklace

This two-tone sewing machine necklace comes with a sweet placard that reads, “Beautiful things comes together one stitch at a time.” The pendant is just under an inch and comes on an 18-inch chain.

Spooky Sewing Skull T-Shirt

I liked this weird T-shirt so much that I bought it for myself! It cracked me up and had me reaffirming my stance that sewing is a badass activity.

Vintage Sewing Machine Brooch Pin

Picture this charming pin on a blazer or jean jacket. Cute, right? I know! This brooch is from a U.K.-based Etsy shop, but you get free shipping to the U.S. when you spend more than $35!

Dinosaurs Didn’t Sew T-Shirt

I mean, where is the flaw in this argument? I think this T-shirt would bring a smile to most sewists.You can get this shirt in three colors — white, navy, and black.

Scissors Bracelet

This scissors bracelet caught my eyeballs. I also like that it comes in different finishes (matte or shiny, silver or brass), different sizes, and can be customized with initials.

Sewing Supplies Socks

I think I have three pairs of sewing or crafting-related socks… and another pair would be just fine with me. Wacky socks are something you do for YOURSELF, people.

Best. Dressmaker. Ever. T-Shirt

Aww, how sweet is this shirt? I would feel so seen if I got this as a gift. You can get this shirt in 17 (!) different colors.

Button Stud Earrings

These minimal button earrings are a subtle nod to your sewing practice. You can choose from three finishes: sterling silver, yellow gold, and rose gold.

Seam Ripper T-Shirt

Another sewing gift that made me laugh out loud. Man, this is clever. I KNOW this feeling of dread, and I’m sure you do, too, if you’ve sewn for any length of time. Please, if you buy this T through my link, let me know. I want to give you a virtual high five.

Over to you: What gifts for sewers and quilters do YOU long for in your heart of hearts? What are the best gifts for sewists you’ve ever received? Sound off in comments!

P.S. If you would be so kind, please share this guide of gifts for sewing lovers via email and social media — especially Pinterest (because I know how much time sewists spend over there!). The more eyeballs we get on this gift guide for sewers and quilters, the better gifts we all will receive! TIA for your sharing heart. 💙

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This guide of 56 (!!!) gifts for sewers will make it easy for non-sewing friends, family, and colleagues to choose amazing gifts for sewists.