What do sewists REALLY want for gifts? Check out this gift guide of 53 gifts for sewing lovers.

Sewists: We’ve got to talk about gifts for sewing lovers.

If you’re not a sewist, buying gifts for sewing lovers can be tricky.

Only sewists know how much and what kind of fabric to buy. Only sewists know when to splurge on tools and notions — and when to buy cheaper options.

That’s why I wrote this guide of 53 (!!!) gifts for sewers and quilters. I want to make it easy for our non-sewing friends, family, and colleagues to choose amazing gifts for sewists.

For your convenience, I sorted the gifts into five categories: Read, Make, Smile, Work, and Wear. So, when you’re asked, “What would you like for (insert gifting opportunity here)?” please share this wish list of gifts for sewing lovers!

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Read: Sewing Books

Crack open a good read about sewing.

Crack open a good read about sewing. Books make great gifts for sewing lovers.

(1) I bought and loved this book about sewing active wear by our gal, Johanna Lu of The Last Stitch blog and vlog. It gives you step-by-step instructions for how to level up your me-made active wear — stuff like thumbholes, crotch gussets, and waistband pockets.

(2)Sew… The Garment-Making Book of Knowledge” contains the sewing advice your mom would have given you if your mom could sew. It’s conversational, warm, and easy to follow. A must for your sewing library!

(3) Do you have a vision for an existing pattern, but don’t quite know how to execute? This book on using, adapting, and designing sewing patterns may be what the doctor ordered.

(4) Abracadabra! It’s “Pattern Magic,” the beloved Japanese sewing book that inspires sewists to take a walk on the avant-garde side when it comes to patterns.

(5) I am intrigued by this book: “Fierce: The History of Leopard Print.” What secrets reside behind those chic spots? 🐆 (P.S. The fashion historians over at the Dressed podcast interviewed “Fierce” author Jo Wheldon.)

(6) This sewing bible schools you in the ways of alterations — skills from shortening trousers to shortening the sleeves of a lined jacket. I could see this being a good book for a non-sewing friend, maybe someone who likes to buy second hand.

(7) Demystify sewing patterns with “How Sewing Patterns Work.” The book aims to be a simplified and streamlined intro to pattern making.

(8) The full-figure sewing patterns in BurdaStyle magazine always catch my eye. This book, “Full-Figure Fashion,” features 24 on-trend, curve-worshipping patterns.

Make: Sewing Patterns and Classes

Build a sewing practice with… practice!

Build a sewing practice with PRACTICE! Sewing patterns and sewing classes are welcome gifts for sewers.

(1) Sewist supreme Erica Bunker has an online class about sewing a moto jacket! Everything she sews looks so profesh.

(2) Sewing kits are highly giftable — everything a sewist needs to stitch a project in one present. Klum House offers a kit to sew its classic Portsmith tote.

(3) Newbie sewists, rejoice! Sewlebrity Mimi G.’s got ya covered with her Sew-It Academy. For about $12 a month, you can access video sewing lessons, a private Facebook Group, and live chats with Mimi.

(4) I Can Make Shoes has a collection of online classes for making your very own sweet kicks.

(5) This all-in-one indigo dye kit produces enough dye to color 15 yards of fabric! If you’d like to try your hand at shibori, this is your chance. Yay, dye party with your sewing friends!

(6) Needle Sharp sends subscription sewing boxes. Each contains everything you need to sew a garment — the sewing pattern, fabric, and notions. Wham, bam, thank you, ma’am!

(7) I love making jeans, and this rivet kit caught my eye. You could personalize your jeans (or jean jacket or bag or anything, really) with gold, silver, black, or bronze rivets. #rivetallthethings

(8) Channel your inner hippie! This tie-dye kit will have you feeling groovy in no time. I would love to tie dye fabric yardage. (BTW, the Tulip IG has lots of cute project ideas.)

(9) Here’s a complete kit to sew a chic-as-heck dressing gown (or robe, if you’re feeling less fancy).

Smile: Just-for-Fun Gifts for Sewing Lovers

Giggle, ooh, and aww over sweet gifts for sewing lovers to warm the heart.

Giggle, ooh, and aww over just-for-fun gifts for sewing lovers to warm the heart.

(1) I’m swooning over this coin purse made from colorful measuring tapes.

(2) This Bob Ross mug reminds us that there are “no mistakes, just happy accidents.” This is a motto for a maker if I ever heard one. (Speaking of Bob Ross, the Bob Ross game (maybe you’ve seen it at Target) is a personal favorite of me and Hubs; it’s a hoot.)

(3) Christmas ornaments, I think, are a great present anytime of the year. This trio of sewing ornaments from Old World Christmas — an old-fashioned sewing machine, spool of thread, and scissors — would add sparkle to the tree of any sewing enthusiast.

(4)Wreck This Journal” is a journal-ish activity book that gives you prompts to trash it! Yeah, you read that right. The idea behind the journal is to get comfortable with rough edges, chaos, and going against the grain. I thought it would be a great present for a creative person who struggles with perfectionism. (This is where I raise my hand to out myself as a perfectionist.)

(5) Um, itty-bitty food plushies to sew? Yes, please. This kit cracked me up; I could see stitching these as palette cleansers between sewing garments. Plus, I think they’d make sweet surprise gifts for the lovable peeps in your life.

(6) Pay close attention to the message on this mug, because it’s true. You think people want you to sew things for them now? Just wait until the apocalypse, when your skill will become currency!

(7) We all can agree that vintage sewing envelope illustrations are straight-up masterpieces. These McCall’s vintage pattern notecards and notebooks are equal parts practical and vintage whimsical.

(8) Sewing is a bad-ass craft. Declare your badassery with a (temporary) sewing tattoo. I like this vintage sewing machine and this pack of 34 (!!!) crafty tats.

Work: Sewing Notions and Tools

Improve the sewing process with top-notch sewing gear.

Improve the sewing process. Sewing notions and sewing tools are practical gifts for sewing lovers.

(1) Fashion design rulers help sewists modify patterns and even draft their own. Sometimes it’s nice to have the shape of an ideal curve on hand.

(2) This temporary basting glue comes with different applicator tips for getting into tiny spots. It’s like having extra fingers.

(3) Have you tried Swedish tracing paper? It’s somewhere between fabric and paper, and you can sew it, which makes it a useful tool when stitching a muslin.

(4) Yet another cute sewing tool — a mini iron! No more singeing your fingers pressing tight corners or while making bias binding.

(5) MyBodyModel lets you customize fashion croquis with your unique measurements! Now you can see what a pattern will look like on your glorious bod before you start sewing.

(6) You don’t need LESS light when you’re sewing, right? Right. Brighten up your sewing space with this magnifying LED desk lamp. I don’t care if you have 20/20 vision; this would be H-E-L-P-F-U-L!

(7) This fashion sketchpad caught my attention because it includes multiple body poses/views, shoe designs, and more. It’s almost 600 pages!

(8) This Black and Decker iron is less than $50 on Amazon and has more than 5,800 reviews with an average of 4 out of 5 stars. If you’re on the market for an iron, this one seems to satisfy.

(9) I am enamored of this electronics cleaning brush from OXO. This would be THE BOMB for dusting your machine! It has two ends featuring silicone bristles, and both ends are retractable!

(10) LET THERE BE LIGHT! On your sewing machine! This LED lighting kit comes with a dimmer and adhesive clips. It’s the end of shadows, people!

(11) This sewing cart is less than $150 on Amazon and has 4.5 out of 5 stars from almost 250 reviews. Plus it has casters! I love me a caster.

(12) Apply these grippy stickers on the back of your ruler to keep it from slipping! What a great idea.

(13) Meet Amazon’s Choice for “Singer Sewing Machine.” This heavy-duty Singer is $125, and I’ve used it in a sewing classroom. It feels tough, and I think it’d be a good choice for a second sewing machine (when you don’t want to be switching thread) or for a new sewist. People love this machine!

(14) Trust me, you won’t regret having a 1,000 meter spool of Woolly Nylon thread. Woolly Nylon changes the game when it comes to sewing stretch fabrics. Some of it in your bobbin (hand wound, of course) makes your knit-sewing life SO MUCH BETTER.

Wear: Clothes and Jewelry Gifts for Sewists

Show off love for sewing beyond the sewing room.

Show off love for sewing beyond the sewing room. Sewing-themed clothes and jewelry are delightful gifts for sewing lovers.

(1) OK, I need these sewing socks, like, five minutes ago! Dang, those are sweet.

(2) Cute enamel pin alert!

(3) I’m not a Trekkie, but this “Make it sew” T-shirt made me giggle.

(4)  I’m a sucker for retro-inspired T-shirts, and this sunset (or maybe sunrise?) T checks all my boxes. There are neutral colors other than black, should you be interested.

Over to you: What gifts for sewers and quilters do YOU long for in your heart of hearts? What are the best gifts for sewists you’ve ever received? Sound off in comments!

P.S. If you would be so kind, please share this guide of gifts for sewing lovers via email and social media — especially Pinterest (because I know how much time sewists spend over there!). The more eyeballs we get on this gift guide for sewers and quilters, the better gifts we all will receive!

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