Sewing supplies are my weakness. Notions and accessories that help me sew smarter and not harder? Yes, please!

As you might expect, with this personality flaw quirk, I’ve built a massive sewing kit. The following gallery shows off my favorite sewing tools.

This collection of sewing supplies can help you learn about gear you may be unfamiliar with. It can give you ideas for sewing tools you might want to upgrade, or what you might want to add next to YOUR sewing kit. What’s more, if you’re new to sewing, you can see what’s in the toolbox of a more advanced sewist.

I’ve been sewing since the mid-2000s, stitching everything from jeans to quilts to T-shirts to kids’ costumes. With each project, I’ve added sewing supplies to my sewing kit. It feels good to say that there are few sewing notions that I truly need these days. But, that doesn’t stop me from picking up gadgets that fascinate me!

Peruse this catalog to discover the sewing supplies that power my home sewing practice. Each photo features a piece of sewing gear that I would recommend to a friend. I am your sewing guinea pig, testing and sharing only the best sewing tools for your consideration!

How to Use the Sewing Supplies Gallery

To learn about a sewing tool, hover over its photo to reveal a caption. Click the image to visit a link about the tool. (If you’re on a mobile device, there may not be a caption.) I did my best to link to the exact product in the photo. When that wasn’t possible, I noted the substitution with “SIMILAR” in the caption.

Beneath each section I share links to any blog posts that feature those sewing supplies.

Also, before buying a “universal” or non-branded accessory, always research whether it will work with your sewing machine or other sewing accessories. Check out return policies, just in case. Caveat emptor!

This list of sewing supplies contains Amazon affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. This is a no-effort way to provide Sie Macht with monetary support, and I thank you for it! Should you be interested, you can read about our affiliate program participation on the About page.

Sewing Machines and Accessories

Here they are, my sewing machine and serger (overlocker). These workhorses, plus some special presser feet, allow me to sew my heart out. (BTW, these presser feet are in addition to the feet that came with my machine.)

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Sewing Supplies and Notions

This is the heart of my mega sewing kit! These sewing supplies and sewing tools make my sewing practice more efficient, more accurate, and more fun.

Basting Tools

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Cutting Tools

Elastic and Fasteners

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Tools for Hand Sewing


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Marking Tools

Needle Stash

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Tools for Pattern Work

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Pressing Tools

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Measuring Tools


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Additional Sewing Accessories

Sewing Trim and Embellishment

These sewing notions add flair to me-made garments. I also keep a stash of iron-on patches to shore up worn fabric.

Shop Amazon’s Sewing Best Sellers

Should you be interested, here are Amazon’s best sellers based on sales.

Sewing Notions & Supplies

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