Sewing supplies are my weakness. Notions and accessories that help me sew smarter and not harder? Yes, please!

As you might expect, with this personality flaw quirk, I’ve built a massive sewing kit. The following gallery shows off my favorite sewing tools.

This collection of sewing supplies can help you learn about gear you may be unfamiliar with. It can give you ideas for sewing tools you might want to upgrade, or what you might want to add next to YOUR sewing kit. What’s more, if you’re new to sewing, you can see what’s in the toolbox of a more advanced sewist.

I’ve been sewing since the mid-2000s, stitching everything from jeans to quilts to T-shirts to kids’ costumes. With each project, I’ve added sewing supplies to my sewing kit. It feels good to say that there are few sewing notions that I truly need these days. But, that doesn’t stop me from picking up gadgets that fascinate me!

Peruse this catalog to discover the sewing supplies that power my home sewing practice. Each photo features a piece of sewing gear that I would recommend to a friend. I am your sewing guinea pig, testing and sharing only the best sewing tools for your consideration!

How to Use the Sewing Supplies Gallery

I did my best to link to the exact product in the photo. When that wasn’t possible, I noted the substitution with “SIMILAR” in the caption.

To see a product for yourself, you may click its name, the “Shop Now” button, or its photo.

Beneath each section I share links to any blog posts or videos that feature those sewing supplies.

Also, before buying a “universal” or non-branded accessory, always research whether it will work with your sewing machine or other sewing accessories. Check out return policies, just in case. Caveat emptor!

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Sewing Machines and Accessories

Here they are, my sewing machine and serger (overlocker). These workhorses, plus some special presser feet, allow me to sew my heart out. (BTW, these presser feet are in addition to the feet that came with my machine.)

Sewing Supplies Sie Macht Babylock Elizabeth

Baby Lock Elizabeth Sewing Machine

I’ve sewn everything from quilts to jeans to panties on this mid-grade sewing machine.

Sewing Supplies Sie Macht Babylock Imagine

Baby Lock Imagine Serger (Overlocker)

This serger is a dream to thread and use.

Sewing Supplies Sie Macht Vintage Buttonholer

Vintage Buttonholer

This Greist buttonholer helps my modern sewing machine make consistently gorgeous buttonholes.

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Sewing Supplies Sie Macht Stitch in the Ditch Foot

Snap-on Stitch In The Ditch/Edge-Joining Foot (Similar)

I love a tidy stitch in the ditch. NOTE: Before buying a “universal” or non-branded accessory, always research whether it will work with your sewing machine!

Sewing Supplies Sie Macht Walking Foot

Open-Toe Walking Foot Low Shank Adapter (Similar)

A walking foot can make sewing knits on your sewing machine easier. NOTE: Before buying a “universal” or non-branded accessory, always research whether it will work with your sewing machine!

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Sewing Supplies Sie Macht Guide Foot

Adjustable Guide Sewing Machine Presser Foot (Similar)

Keep your seams ridiculously even with this handy foot — my favorite! NOTE: Before buying a “universal” or non-branded accessory, always research whether it will work with your sewing machine!

Non-Stick Foot (Similar)

Glide over “sticky” fabrics with a non-stick Teflon foot. NOTE: Before buying a “universal” or non-branded accessory, always research whether it will work with your sewing machine!

High-Quality Open Toe Foot (Similar)

An open-toe foot is helpful for embroidery. NOTE: Before buying a “universal” or non-branded accessory, always research whether it will work with your sewing machine!

Invisible Zipper Foot (Similar)

Because you can’t sew an invisible zipper without the right foot. NOTE: Before buying a “universal” or non-branded accessory, always research whether it will work with your sewing machine!

Low-Shank Open Toe Darning Foot (Similar)

Explore the world of quilting and darning with this foot. NOTE: Before buying a “universal” or non-branded accessory, always research whether it will work with your sewing machine!

Quarter-Inch Quilting Patchwork Sewing Machine Presser Foot with Edge Guide (Similar)

Master quarter-inch seams with this foot. NOTE: Before buying a “universal” or non-branded accessory, always research whether it will work with your sewing machine!

Blind Hem Foot for Serger

With this foot and a two-thread narrow flatlock stitch, I can create a blind hem with my serger. The coolest part is that the fabric’s raw edge is finished during hemming and turned to the wrong side. Very profesh.

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Sewing Supplies and Notions

This is the heart of my mega sewing kit! These sewing supplies and sewing tools make my sewing practice more efficient, more accurate, and more fun.

Basting Tools

Odif 505 Spray and Fix Adhesive, Large 11.7 oz. Can (Similar)

Temporarily adhere fabrics to make sewing easier.

Zirkel Magnetic Pin Cushion (Similar)

Worry less about where your pins end up with a magnetic pincushion.

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Wonder Clips – 50-Piece Box

This is perfect tool for holding together layers of thick fabric or fabric that you don’t want pinholes in.

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Elmer’s Disappearing Purple School Glue Sticks (Similar)

Glue sticks are a favorite way to baste tricky knit fabrics.

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Sewing Supplies Sie Macht Wonder Tape

Dritz Wash-A-Way Wonder Tape

Wonder Tape is your secret weapon for perfect placement of pockets and whatnot that are hard to keep in place with pins.

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Cutting Tools

Fiskars Crafts Rotary Cutter, 60mm Titanium (Similar)

A rotary cutter is my favorite tool for cutting fabric.

Fiskars Classic Comfort Loop Rotary Cutter, 45mm (Similar)

A smaller rotary cutter helps you get into smaller curves with greater ease when cutting fabric.

KAI 7000 Series 9″ Shears #7230

These Kai scissors cut fabric like a knife through hot butter; a joy to use.

Gingher 6-Inch Knife Edge Applique Scissors

Cut only what you want with these lovely applique scissors.

Fiskars Forged Embroidery Scissors

These sharp, small scissors are great for snipping threads and marking pattern notches.

Sewing Buttonhole Cutter 3 Pcs Set

The chisel and mat help cut buttonholes with accuracy.

PGM Awl (Similar)

Mark fabric with an awl by making small holes.

OLFA Cutting Mat, 24in. x 36in

Cutting mat + rotary cutter = unstoppable fabric-cutting machine.

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Fiskars Titanium Rotary Blades, 60mm (Similar)

Always have extra rotary blades on hand.

Fiskars Titanium Rotary Cutter Replacement Blades, 45mm (Similar)

Don’t forget to have extra rotary blades in your sewing supplies.

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Elastic and Fasteners

1-inch Wide Black Knit Elastic (Similar)

I bought the white version of this 1-inch elastic band.

Braided Elastic 144 Yards – White (1/4” Wide) (Similar)

I bought this mega yardage of quarter-inch elastic for leggings waistbands.

Fold Over Elastic Stretch Foldover FOE Elastics

This vendor offers FOE in many colors, including navy and black.

Dritz Lightweight Elastic, Clear, 3/8-Inch

Clear elastic also stabilizes knit seams.

Dritz 9405W Non-Roll Woven Elastic, White, 1/2-Inch by 30-Yard (Similar)

IMO it’s good to have a variety of elastic in your stash.

Sewing Supplies Sie Macht Sportswear Elastic

Dritz 9326W Sport Knit Elastic, White, 1-1/4-Inch by 1-Yard (Similar)

This is my favorite elastic — easy to work with and soft to wear.

Dritz 16P Snap Fastener Pliers, Size 15 (3/8-Inch) & Size 16 (7/16-Inch), Metal

This simple-to-use tool lets you apply snaps to garments!

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Simflex Sewing Gauge, Aluminum

Take the guesswork out of placing buttonholes!

Tools for Hand Sewing

1 Ounce Premium, Pure All Natural Beeswax Bar (Similar)

The best tool for stiffening up a thread end that won’t thread.

Clover Leather Coin Thimble

Don’t destroy your delicate fingerpads while hand sewing!

Assorted Hand Needles, 60 Count (Similar)

A variety of hand needles ensures you’ll have the right tool for the job.


Pellon Easy-Knit Fusible Tricot Interfacing (Similar)

This knit interfacing is easy to apply and can be used on knits and wovens.

Pellon Natural 860F Ultra Weft Fusible Interfacing

I used this interfacing in a blazer; it’s a mix of rayon and poly.

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.25″ Wide Twill Tape

Soft cotton twill tape is my favorite shoulder stabilizer.

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Dritz Stay Tape, 1/2-Inch

Another stabilizer option; this one is made of nylon.

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Marking Tools

Clover Chaco Liner Pen-Style CL4713 – Yellow

A yellow Chaco liner shows up on light and dark fabrics.

Dritz Dual-Purpose Marking Pen

The ink on one side disappears, and the ink on the other side comes off with a damp cloth.

Needle Stash

Schmetz Universal Needle Size 80/12 10pc

I use these for most woven sewing projects that aren’t particularly heavy or lightweight.

Schmetz Euro-Notions Twin Stretch Machine Needle, 4/75-Inch

When I’m feeling thorough, I’ll hem knits with a stretch twin needle.

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Twin Machine Needle Size 2.0/80 1/Pkg

A universal twin needle whose needles are close together.

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Schmetz Universal Needle Twin Size 80/4.0

A universal twin needle whose needles are farther apart.

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Microtex Sharp Machine Needles Size 14/90 5/Pkg

Extra-sharp needles that are great for top stitching.

Schmetz Leather Machine Needle Size 18/110

Beefy needles that blast through tough fabrics and thick layers.

Schmetz, Jean & Denim Machine Needles-Size 16/100 5/Pkg

If you’re sewing jeans, ya need needles that are up to the task.

Tools for Pattern Work

Canson Translucent Sketch Paper

High-quality tracing paper makes tracing off sewing patterns more enjoyable.

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Xacto X3311 No. 1 Precision Knife

The best tool for cutting out paper sewing pattern pieces.

X-ACTO Nonrefillable Blade Dispenser

This dispenser includes a safe way to dispose old blades!

Elmers Washable No-Run School Glue

School glue is the best tool for sticking together PDF sewing patterns.

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Ziploc Freezer Bags, Two Gallon

I use these heavy-duty bags for storing sewing patterns and projects in process. NOTE: My husband works for S.C. Johnson & Son, which owns Ziploc.

Pressing Tools

Dritz Seam Roll

Never, ever press a sleeve or trouser leg without a cylindrical ham!

Dritz Dressmakers Ham

Press curved seams like a boss.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Sewing-Supplies-Sie-Macht-Ez-Hem.jpg

Dritz Ezy-Hem Gauge

This heat-proof tool keeps edges in line as your press.

Mardili Hardwood Tailors Clapper (Similar)

A hardwood clapper absorbs steam from an iron and creates the crispest seams you’ll ever see.

Serenade 54″ Silk Organza (Similar)

I use a square (maybe 18-by-18 inches?) as a see-through press cloth; silk organza as is wonderful as an interfacing.

Dritz 5/8-Inch Stitch Witchery

When someone asks, “Hey, can you hem this for me?” Direct them to good, old Stitch Witchery.

Measuring Tools

Dritz Sewing Gauge

I use this little tool all the time to measure seam allowances on my sewing machine and serger.

60″ Easy Check Snap n Slide Tape Measure

This clever measuring tape lets you snap the end in place and easily measure circumference.

Fiskars Acrylic Ruler, 6×24 Inch

I do a surprising amount of work with this heavy-duty, clear plastic ruler.

Itty Bitty Eights 3″ x 7″ Rectangle Quilting Ruler (Similar)

I grab this small, easy-to-handle ruler all the time for short measurements.

Dritz See-Thru Ruler, 2 x 18-Inch (Similar)

This was my first ruler for sewing, and it did me right for a long time.

Dritz Hip Curve Ruler, 24″

Get the perfect curved line for your hip.

Set of 3 Shapes of French Curves (Similar)

These curves are nice for making smooth, curved transitions when drafting sewing pattern pieces.


Single Cone Thread Stand With Metal Base (Similar)

This cast-iron thread stand (mine is black) helped me master twin-needle sewing.

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My sewing machine takes Class 15 bobbins, and I keep extras on hand.

Woolly Nylon Thread

For when your seams need stretch; handwind it in a bobbin or thread it through serger loopers.

Metrosene All-Purpose Thread Gift Set

This multi-color set of all-purpose, polyester thread is delightful to sew with and covers almost any thread-color need you might have.

Additional Sewing Accessories

Sharpie Color Burst Marker (Similar)

I use permanent markers to color match elastic, thread, and fabric!

The Big Jig (Similar)

Indispensable for sewing layers of fabric that change in thickness; keep that presser foot level!

Serger Pad and Trim Catcher (Similar)

Catch trimmed fabric and threads and minimize vibrations from your serger.

Bias Tape Maker Accessory Set With Case (Similar)

Once you discover how to make your own bias tape, a new world of possibilities opens up.

Dritz Quick Turn Fabric Tube Turners, Set of 3 (Similar)

Turn tubes with ease with this set of turners.

Dritz Loop Turner

This turner is perfect for super-skinny tubes.

Dritz Point Turner and Seam Creaser (Similar)

A useful tool for creating sharp corners.

Deluxe Bent Stainless Steel Tweezers (Similar)

These tweezers came with my serger, and they’ve been great help with changing needles and grabbing threads when my fingers are too big for the job.

Sewing Trim and Embellishment

These sewing notions add flair to me-made garments. I also keep a stash of iron-on patches to shore up worn fabric.

Novelty Patches (Similar)

These particular patches are from the kids’ section at Target, but Amazon has a huge selection of patches to spice up your me-made garments.

Personalized Labels for My Me-Made Garments

There’s A LOT of satisfaction attaching a Sie Macht label to a freshly sewing garments.


Should you be interested, here are Amazon’s best sellers based on sales.

Sewing Notions & Supplies