Va-va-va-volume in Victory Patterns Esther Pants

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I was a lucky pattern tester for the Victory Patterns Esther pants! Victory Patterns released these wide-legged trousers as part of its three-piece Arima capsule collection, which also features a modular knit top/dress and oversized cardigan/robe. The collection is modern, glamorous, and wearable, all at the same time.

Sew with the Flow: Sewing for Your Period

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Sewing for your period — stay with me here — can make your monthly cycle less of a drag. If you’re like me, I suspect you, too, need a smidgen more care during your menstrual cycle. You may be tired, crabby, achy, or sad. Sewing for your period is an act of self-care. Special clothes, period-supporting accessories, and even DIY menstrual supplies provide comfort when you need it most. […]

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