I wrapped work on my underwear muslins: Simplicity 8229, Seamwork Geneva, and Megan Nielsen Acacia.

Howdy, howdy! I finished my three underwear muslins: Simplicity 8229, Seamwork Geneva, and Megan Nielsen Acacia. (You can get caught up on this panty-sewing adventure with this video:ย Work in Progress: Sewing Panties, Part 1.)

The biggest lesson I learned while sewing these undies is how to stitch fold-over elastic. My first pair, Simplicity 8229, definitely was my roughest when it came to FOE. I had to unpick and restitch quite a bit. But, once I got the hang of fold-over elastic, it wasn’t particularly trying. It’s no harder than sewing any neckband where you have to stretch while sewing.

I didn’t get into in the video (must not have filmed this), but those one yard packs of FOE from Joann DID NOT got far. One yard covered the leg holes of Simplicity 8229… and that’s it! That’s why, in this WIP vid, the waistband is a different color. I bought two 20-yard packs (navy and black) from Amazon to complete my panty muslins. Take it from me: One yard of fold-over elastic ain’t gonna work for ya drawers.

Here’s the latest Work in Progress vlog, sewing pals, and it even includes a non-sewing portion in which I go crazy on some local wildlife. Enjoy!

WIP Links

Here are links to goodies I mention in the video.

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Unrelated but GTK: I used this needle and this Wooly Nylon thread, hand wound on the bobbin, when sewing FOE to the panties. Worked swell; would recommend.

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Underwear illustrations via Wikimedia Commons:
en:User:Gr8white (Public domain license)
User:Moyogo โ€“ vectorized and additions, new license (from PD-self)