It's time to sew underwear - Seamwork Geneva, Megan Nielsen Acacia, and Simplicity 8229.

I’ve wanted to sew panties for a looooong time, and the day of underpants sewing finally has arrived!

I’m sewing three pairs of panties:

I’m treating these three pairs of underoos as muslins to pick a favorite. Then I want to make a bunch of one pattern. I’m making the underwear in the same fabric so I’m not swayed by fabric favoritism and to truly compare apples to apples.

In case you were wondering, I’ll definitely write a post about these three patterns when they’re done and I’ve worn them a few times. Because how can you judge the quality of an underpants pattern until you’ve lived in it for a day?

WIP Links

Here are links to stuff mentioned in the videoooo!

Speaking of PDF patterns…ย The Fastest Way to Assemble PDF Sewing Patterns [VIDEO].

My trusted tool for cutting paper pattern pieces: X-Acto craft knife.

Here’s some fold-over elastic (Amazon’s Choice, for the record). The prices on FOE on Amazon are waaaay better than Joann, BTW.

Here’s how I used the fuchsia bamboo knit to make a Megan Nielsen Briar T: Batch Sewing a Bunch of Briar T-Shirts: 5 Tips I Learned.

My favorite tools for cutting pattern pieces: rotary cutter and self-healing cutting mat! If I end up liking sewing undies and lingerie, I probably will invest in a small rotary cutter, too.

Should you be interested, here’s a look at my sewing room:ย New Sewing Room Setup: An IKEA Sewing Room Makeover | TOUR.

Talk about sewing black undies:ย Sew with the Flow: Sewing for Your Period.

Here’s the block interfacing tutorial on IG.

Here’s the Craft Industry Alliance on starting the day with 15 minutes of making!

This is the zipper-finishing treatment.

That IG pic of hemming knits with a honeycomb stitch. Ain’t it pretty! I’m inspired!

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Underwear illustrations via Wikimedia Commons:
en:User:Gr8white (Public domain license)
User:Moyogo – vectorized and additions, new license (from PD-self)