If you sew at the kitchen table or in a nook carved out of another space, you may be in the market for a small sewing table.

The best sewing table for small spaces will help you level up your sewing practice without sacrificing precious square footage.

Because let’s be honest — few sewists have a dedicated sewing room.

It’s time to find the right small table for a sewing machine to turn your guest bedroom, laundry room, closet, basement, or other corner of the house into an itty-bitty atelier.

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Shopping for the Best Sewing Table for Small Spaces

A small space sewing table is a BIG deal, because you want to stitch to the MAX in minimum space.

The following sewing table descriptors/features came up again and again as I researched this article:

  • Foldable

🎯 A table that can be folded and stored and/or a table with leaves that fold down.

  • Storage

🎯 A table with storage features, e.g., shelves, drawers.

  • Wheels

🎯 A table that has casters so you can roll it out of the way or roll it to a better spot for working.

  • Drawers

🎯 A table with drawers that slide in and out; good for concealed storage.

  • Adjustable

🎯 A table whose height and/or width can be adjusted.

So, as I built this list of small sewing tables, those were the words I looked for.

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Not every table in this list has all those features, but most have at least one, and many have two or more.

I also tried to choose small space sewing tables that:

  • You haven’t seen on a hundred other sewing blogs.
  • Had tons of outstanding reviews. (Hooray, social proof!)
  • Are built of better materials (e.g., solid wood, steel).
Photo via SewingMachinesPlus.com

Arrow 98611 Gidget II Sewing, Craft & Hobby Table

🏆 Best All-Around

If I were looking for a small folding sewing table that I could easily collapse and store, this would be my pick. Arrow makes quality sewing tables, and this is their least-tricked-out offering.

The Gidget table has a sturdy steel base and locking legs. When you need to move it, the table folds flat and can be wheeled away. It arrives fully assembled in one box, too.

Photo via Amazon

Studio Designs Sew Ready Mobile Height Adjustable Hobby and Craft Cutting Table

🏆 Best for Sewists Who Want a Skinny Table Footprint

The footprint of this petite sewing table is only 12.25-by-36 inches wide with both leaves folded. But, when you need to get down to business, it grows to 60 inches — a respectable dimension for cutting fabric.

You can change the height of this adjustable sewing table, so you can stand or sit at it. I’m also smitten with the sliding mesh baskets. It also has more than 4,000 four-and-half-star reviews on Amazon.

Photo via Michaels

Kensington Table Rolling Cart by Simply Tidy

🏆 Best for Sewists Who Also Want a Cutting Table

This rolling cart comes in under $100 and has more than 600 4-and-a-half-plus-star reviews on the Michaels websites. One reviewer wrote: “This table was much sturdier than expected. Very well built.”

When fully folded, its footprint is about 16.5-by-24 inches. The maximum load limit is 140 pounds, and each tray can accommodate up to 20 pounds.

Photo via Amazon

Echo Craft Table 56W (Bush Business Furniture Office by Kathy Ireland)

🏆 Best Built-In Storage

If you have a little more room in your small sewing station, consider this shelf-and-table combo. Its footprint is about 27-by-56 inches — about 10.5 square feet.

The reason this small sewing space unit caught my eye was because you could store a lot of fabric, notions, and more in the shelves, and it would be right at your fingertips as you stitch. Plus, the tabletop supports up to 200 pounds, so you know wiggling will be minimal.

Photo via IKEA

IKEA Norden Gateleg Table

🏆 Best IKEA Sewing Table

My research showed that lots of sewists are looking for an IKEA sewing table, and this is my pick for that search. When folded, this table’s footprint is 12.25-by-31.5 inches. At max length, it’s just shy of 60 inches.

I love that the tabletop and frame are solid birch wood. And, the six drawers would smartly conceal your sewing gear. This table has more than 100 five-star reviews on IKEA’s website.

Photo via IKEA

IKEA Förhöja Kitchen Cart

🏆 Best Small Standing Sewing Table

This is an out-of-the-box suggestion: a kitchen cart. If you like to sew standing up, this would be a great option for your small sewing space. Its footprint is about 17-by-39 inches.

Like the Norden gateleg table, the Förhöja cart also is solid birch wood. The wheel would allow you to change its location on the fly, and the shelves and drawers deliver sewing gear storage.

Photo via Amazon

Tangkula Corner Desk

🏆 Best Use of Dead Space

This small-but-mighty desk has more than 3,000 four-and-half-star reviews on Amazon. It comes in several color/finish options and is 41.5 inches at its widest point.

There’s a drawer and under-desk shelving for sewing goodies, and the tabletop supports up to 66 pounds. I could see a corner desk + corner vertical wall storage being great in a small space. 

Photo via Amazon

Stakmore Straight Edge 32-Inch Square Folding Card Table

🏆 Most Attractive Double-Duty Table

Here’s another Amazon pick with TONS of reviews: more than 5,000 four-and-a-half star reviews. I like that even though this is a modest card table, because it’s solid wood, it has a more elevated look.

It’s available in four different wood finishes and has a 150-pound capacity. The legs fold up neatly to the bottom of the table. I love that you could use this as a sewing table one day and then put it out for a party buffet or game night the next.

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Photo via Amazon

Lifetime Height Adjustable Craft, Camping, and Utility Folding Table

🏆 Beefiest Long Table

Speaking of double-duty furniture… This beast of a folding table — which has more than 29,000 (!) four-and-half-star reviews on Amazon — would be great for a small sewing space AND for your next tailgate or camping adventure.

It holds up to 200 pounds and folds into a 2-by-2-foot square with a handle for when it needs to move around. I also like that this table could be adjusted for sewing while sitting or standing.

Photo via Amazon

Need Small Desk No-Assembly Foldable Writing Table

🏆 Best Combo of Strength and Style

The footprint of this desk is only 15.75-by-31.5 inches, yet its max load is 220 pounds. Small but strong!

Almost 5,000 (!) Amazon reviewers gave this desk four-and-a-half stars, and one of the reviewers shared a photo of her vintage sewing machine on this sturdy table. The table features heavy-duty steel legs and cross rods, and the legs can be adjusted for an uneven floor.

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For Your Consideration: Vintage or Antique Small Sewing Tables

🏆 Best for the Individualist/Design Nerd

These suggestions are for the motivated sewist who wants a unique furniture piece for her/his/their home.

Be aware that second-hand shopping can be time consuming, and you may need to put some work into a treasure before it’s ready for use.

I searched “small vintage sewing table” on Etsy, and these are my favorite results. If you please, you can look for similar tables in a thrift store, at an estate or rummage sale, or on eBay.

And, because these are one-of-a-kind listings — so when they’re gone, they’re gone! — the links may not lead *exactly* to the sewing tables pictured in this article. (They still are good jumping-off points for similar pieces, though.)

Photo via Etsy

Vintage Sewing Machine Table Laminate Wood Top

This teeny sewing table isn’t even 2-feet squared! Talk about a space saver.

The insert element of this table needs some problem solving, but at the very least you could lay a piece of wood over the opening and place a sewing machine on it.

Photo via Etsy

Portable Sewing Table – Collapsible Sewing Machine Table

I like this table because of its unusual insert. The sewing machine insert appears when you lift up one half of the table. You also can sew on it flat.

Would you believe this thing is 28 pounds? I don’t think it looks that heavy. Back in the day this supported sewing machines with many metal components; sewing tables had to be hefty.

Photo via Etsy

Vintage Sewing Machine Cabinet

Here’s another small sewing cabinet — with a 17-by-22-inch footprint — that features a sewing machine insert. Again, you’d have to play around with the insert to accommodate your machine.

I love this style of small sewing table, where the machine sits on a sturdy base and a tabletop with piano-style hinges flips out to make room for your sewing project. Clever design, and they’re not hard to find.

Photo via Etsy

Vintage Sewing Box Side Table German Design

OK, this isn’t a sewing table, but I thought if you were looking to outfit a small sewing space that this idea might spark something for you.

This is a (drop-dead gorgeous😍) mid-century sewing caddy. You can find lots of vintage furniture-looking sewing caddies/boxes/baskets on Etsy.

Some of them have wheels and handles, which makes them perfectly portable — ideal for a small sewing space that maybe also serves as a guest bedroom, office, etc.

GAH, these caddies SO MUCH MORE pleasing to look at vs. modern plastic tubs or bins and, thanks to myriad drawers, trays, and compartments, have just as much storage functionality.

Anyhoo, it’s food for thought. (P.S. I think a vintage sewing box would make an awesome gift for sewing lovers.)

Final Thoughts on Selecting Your Small Sewing Table

There are many great small sewing table options collected in this article, but don’t stop here. Check out my sewing table buying guide for even more resources on how to choose the right small table for a sewing machine.

You may also want to read the sewing table DIY article that compares plans for a variety of sewing furniture units you can build yourself (should you be handy 🔨 and so inclined).

(And, if you’re really hyped about perfecting a stitching space, check out these ideas for lighting for sewing rooms.)

A small sewing table can become the centerpiece of your sewing space (beyond your sewing machine, naturally). Storage of your sewing supplies and fabric will fall into place around this piece of furniture.

Choose wisely for ideal comfort, productivity, and creativity. Sew B-I-G in your lil’ space!