If you’re feeling “meh” about the contents of your closet, a personal style challenge may be in order. These articles cover my experience with Wardrobe Architect, the style analysis program created by Colette Patterns. It was challenging but rewarding, and I learned a lot about my core style and how to express it in my sewing practice.

Wardrobe Architect Part 1: Getting personal about wardrobe planning

As someone who sews many of her clothes, you’d think I’d have a consistent wardrobe. Nope. Enter Wardrobe Architect, a wardrobe planning guide for curating a thoughtful collection of functional clothes that make you feel like your bestest YOU (not like a high-schooler panicked for a quiz). READ MORE >

Wardrobe Architect Part 2: My silhouettes, colors, and beauty

In Part 1 of my Wardrobe Architect series, I explored my style story — personal history, values, lifestyle, and core style. Part 2 is fashion-y part of planning a wardrobe — exploring specific silhouettes, colors, and beauty. This is the window shopping, where I gawk at pretty things and imagine how they’d work in my life. READ MORE >

Wardrobe Architect Part 3: Sewing a capsule wardrobe

This third and final installment looks at my favorite outfits right now and reveals my plans for sewing a capsule wardrobe. And I also do a little post-mortem on what I liked (and disliked) about my Wardrobe Architect experience. READ MORE >