This is not a reasonable or responsible guide to gifts for seamstresses. The following sewing gift ideas are: expensive, indulgent, lavish,and extravagant. It's time to let money be no object when assembling gift ideas for sewists.
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This is not a reasonable or responsible guide to gifts for seamstresses.

The following sewing gift ideas are:

  • Expensive
  • Indulgent
  • Lavish
  • Extravagant

These gifts are designed to spoil a sewist. And, don’t we all want to be spoiled from time to time?

Check out these luxurious gifts for someone who sews to gather inspiration for the holiday season. There’s a little bit of everything in this curated collection, from stitching tools to travel experiences.

It’s time to let money be no object when assembling ideas for gifts for seamstresses.

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Sewing Gear Gifts for Seamstresses

Time to upgrade worn-down sewing supplies with upscale successors.


OttLite lamps have proprietary technology that creates light that’s closer to sunlight than other LEDs. This full-spectrum-mimicking illumination helps OttLite users see colors more true to life — a nice feature for when you’re picking fabric and matching thread.

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Antique sewing boxes are WORLDS closer to pieces of furniture vs. their latter-day tackle box and plastic tub successors. Many have casters, which means you can easily move them around your sewing space (and house).


If you invest in a professional dress form, you’ll get a sturdy sewing tool that will last for decades. Dress form upgrades include removable arms, collapsible shoulders, a base with casters, and lower-body bifurcation (aka, LEGS!).

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Since I wrote this article on how to pack a sewing machine for a flight, I’ve been low-key obsessed with Tutto sewing machine cases. You can insert a sewing machine into the bag from the top or the side, and it collapses to 3 inches for storage.

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Once you upgrade to heavy-duty dressmaking shears, you’ll curse yourself and cry, “Why, oh why, didn’t I get these sooner?!?” Knife-sharp blades make cutting fabric *almost* frictionless, which is a blessing for tired, sore hands.


A thread chart definitely falls into the “luxury” gift category. With a thread chart, you can pick the perfect thread for your project from hundreds of hues without stepping foot into a Joann (sounds like heaven to me).

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Sewing machines + lasers? Yes, we live in the future, for sure. This laser guide, which attaches to your machine, helps you sew straighter and more accurately.


This electric bobbin winder winds bobbins at one speed for uniform tension, and it works with almost all bobbins on domestic machines. A review on Wawak’s website said the CorgiWinder loads a bobbin in less than 20 seconds.

Pressing Tool Presents

Yes, even pressing can become an ritzy event (OK, maybe not, but go with it) with these high-end, iron-adjacent gifts for someone who sews.


How would you like to have two hours of steam time from one steamer? *Hands go up* Yeah, me too — that’s what you get with this commercial grade clothing steamer. Can you imagine how fast you could remove wrinkles from fabric yardage with this tool?


OK, this is an expensive ironing board, but for good reason. It features an ergonomic iron tray, double wishbone legs for stability, and an under-board rack for keeping projects off the floor. For your reference, my ultra-basic ironing board weighs 8 pounds; this one is about 25 pounds.


Go big with a one-gallon jug of Mary Ellen’s Best Press, the beloved starch-alternative product. Many reviewers on Amazon point out that it doesn’t leave residue or flakes on clothes, unlike other starch products.

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Gifts for the Sewing Room

These gifts for seamstresses increase the swankiness of a sewing space by 79 percent.*

*Not grounded in any legitimate science or research.


These headphones boast 24 hours of battery life from a single charge and an “Aware” mode that allows you to hear your music or podcast AND what’s going on around you. I *might* slide these on and never leave my sewing studio.


If headphones aren’t for you, consider this highly rated portable speaker with 20 hours of battery life and a powerbank to charge your phone. It also has the highest rating (6 of 6) for protection against dust, which does seem to collect rapidly in a sewing zone.

Sew Station attaches to DreamBox. Via

The DreamBox is a giant cabinet on wheels that opens to reveal a fold-down table and scores of bins, shelves and racks. The Sew Station features an electric lift for your sewing machine and a drop leaf for cutting fabric, and it locks into the DreamBox to create a stitching command center.

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Sewing Projects Supplies

Upgrade a ho-hum me-made garment with fancy-schmancy materials.

Via Needle Sharp

Needle Sharp offers subscription boxes for sewing projects and kits for sewing projects. Imagine: Everything you need — fabric, notions, pattern — to sew a coat, swimsuit, pajama set and more in one tidy package.

@simonelli_design (IG) via Dutch Label Shop

Splurge and get custom labels for your handmade masterpieces. Speaking from personal experience, it feels very official to sew a Sie Macht label to my one-of-a-kind clothes.

As I researched luxury fabrics for this article, I came across Tissura, which sells couture fabrics from European brands. These are textiles that put the “special” in special occasion fabrics.

  • Belgian Linen

The internet told me that Belgian linen is “the champagne of linen.” For a fabric to be called Belgian Linen, which is actually a trademark, it must be made of European flax and woven in a Belgian mill.

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Linton Tweeds supplies fabric to design houses from Badgley Mischka to Brooks Brothers to Balmain. I love that the top navigation bar allows you to shop fabric by style, weight, price, and more.


The intricate lace starts with loading an antique loom by hand with thousands of threads. According to this Business Insider video, one square meter, without additional beading, etc., costs $45-$90, more than 10 times the cost of mass-produced lace.

  • Vicuna Wool 

Wool from the vicuna, a relative of the alpaca, is the most expensive fabric in the world; check out this yardage for $3,900! Now, if that’s a *little* out of your price range, here’s a cashmere-vicuna wool blend for a mere $400-and-change per meter.

Sewing Experiences

A sewing experience — travel arranged around sewing — has to be the most luxurious gift of all for a sewist.

Via Adobe Stock

Couture sewing instructor Susan Khalje takes a group annually to Paris. Travelers visit exclusive fabric stores that sell textiles to design houses and watch a master pattern maker and draper do his thing.

I got a patch for participating in Camp Workroom Social Wardrobe Week 2022!

I attended Camp Workroom Social in spring 2022, and I highly recommend the experience. It’s a sleepaway camp for grownups where you hang with other sewists and get personalized instruction from sewing educators.

If, and only if, you’re committed to the ultimate in outrageous gifts for someone who sews, you will buy a seat for a sewing machine so it can sit next to you as you jet away to your sewing retreat. (If you’re not committed to that level of luxury, here’s an article about how to pack a sewing machine for a flight.)

Yes, these big-ticket gifts for seamstresses are meant to be tongue in cheek. They’re all unnecessary, and more-than-adequate substitutes exist for each of them.

But, isn’t that the point of luxury?

In any case, they can be legit inspiration for your holiday sewing gift list. Never fault a sewist for dreaming big and fancy.

Over to you: What’s the most luxurious sewing gift you’ve received (or have given yourself)? What’s the most luxurious sewing gift you can even think of? And had you ever heard of vicuna wool before? I hadn’t. #themoreyouknow 💫

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This is not a reasonable or responsible guide to gifts for seamstresses. The following sewing gift ideas are: expensive, indulgent, lavish,and extravagant. It's time to let money be no object when assembling gift ideas for sewists.
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