Check out Sie macht's top nine blog posts of 2016!


This year was exceptionally hard for me.

My mom was diagnosed with cancer. I left a job that was, in spite of how hard I tried, a poor fit. My favorite artist, David Bowie, died.

But there were many bright spots, too. I became a stay-at-home parent and had a fun summer with my sons. Our family made awesome memories on vacation.

As I look back, though, my favorite part of 2016 has been the resurrection of this blog, Sie macht.

I started blogging again in March after a four-year hiatus. I missed the creative outlet. I missed writing about whatever tickled MY fancy.

Over the past four years, the online sewing community has blossomed, especially through Instagram. The voices of sewists of all different skill levels, personal styles, and backgrounds are everywhere, and I’m so glad to be part of the conversation.

After I attended Sew Pro convention in September, I decided to take Sie macht to the next level. It has become my job (when I’m not mothering). Along with blogging to add to the world’s sewing knowledge, I blog to earn money for Team Van Handel.

Thank you so much for spending time with my blog in 2016. I have gobs of exciting plans for 2017 that I can’t wait to get underway. The sewing community is remarkable and remarkably supportive. With every post, I try to serve sewists even better than I did yesterday.

To wrap 2016, I thought I’d share Sie macht’s top nine blog posts of the year. These posts most resonated with YOU! To make things interesting, I’ve written a haiku about each blog post. (Maybe I was inspired by the sushi I ate last night?)

Please click the titles to read the most-trafficked blog posts o’ the year:

1.) 53 gifts for sewists: The ultimate guide to gifts for sewing lovers

Gifting for sewists / Is tricky. Here's fifty-three / chances to delight

2.) Sewing #truth: 12 best-kept secrets of people who sew clothes

I'm dropping truth bombs / If you want big-time stink eye / Request pants hemming

3.) Revealed: Retro Reno and Dakota swimsuit

So much skin revealed / But high-waisted bottoms keep / My whole bum covered

4.) Anorak sewing pattern guide: 3 popular jackets, side by side

Weather transitions / Are no match for these jackets / Three coats, all warm, dry

5.) Quilting tips for beginners: Do’s and don’ts discovered by a newbie

For the love of Pete / Baste the crap out of your quilt / Or risk great sadness

6.) 5 Sew Pro takeaways for every sewist

Sewing people are / The most supportive you'll find / Your tribe is waiting

7.) Sewing and standing up for your body

Sewing is your peace / Nurture your mind and body / With handmade garments

8.) Erin sews Erin: Sew Over It Erin skirt pattern review

Capsule wardrobe skirt / A speedy sewing project / More Erins to come

9.) Sew Over It Molly top: Stripes around my shoulder

Matching navy stripes / Takes lots of pins and time / My patience paid off

Thanks again for reading! And if you have ideas about future blog posts, please let me have them. According to you, gentle readers, in 2017 you’d like more guides and bathing costume blog posts (ooh la la!).

See you next year!

With love, your sewing friend,

Erin Van Handel of Sie macht signs off for 2016!