It's the dawn of a new year and a perfect time to set sewing goals! Check out my seven sewing goals for 2017, including sewing jeans and reading Claire Schaeffer's "High-Fashion Sewing Secrets."

I don’t know about you, but publicly declaring goals helps me GSD. That’s why I’m sharing my 2017 sewing goals.

It’ll light a fire under my keister, because I hate not following through on something I’ve said I’ll do.

I’ve ID’d seven sewing goals I want to crush in 2017, from sewing patterns to boning up on sewing knowledge. I think seven is a realistic number — not too many and not too few.

Following are my 2017 sewing goals, in no particular order. I also included how I can start to attack each goal (in case I’m feeling procrastinate-y). Here we go!

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1.) Sew Negroni men’s button-down shirt

Stitching a Negroni shirt for my husband is a 2017 sewing goal.

I bought this gent’s shirt pattern in February 2016, promising my hubs a new button-down shirt. He’s a tall, skinny dude, so RTW shirts for him often are too short (size medium) or too wide (size large).

As I selflessly sew the Colette Patterns Negroni, I will hone shirt-making skills I can use to make my own button downs, mwah ha ha. (So it’s selfish sewing after all, whew! And you thought I was going soft.)

How to start: Measure husband and trace and cut out the pattern. The Negroni will require a muslin.

2.) Read “High-Fashion Sewing Secrets from the World’s Best Designers” by Claire Schaeffer

Reading "High-Fashion Sewing Secrets" is a sewing goal for 2017.

I scored this sewing book at a thrift store this fall. It’s subtitled “A Step-by-Step Guide to Sewing Stylish Seams, Buttonholes, Pockets, Collars, Hems, and More.”

The techniques in this book, especially for seams, could elevate simple garments. I’m also excited for the chapters on making your own patterns, copying a garments, and patternmaking basics.

How to start: I’m already underway on this goal! The book’s 246 pages, so I could read a page a day and finish it with lots of 2017 to spare.

3.) Sew jeans

One of my sewing goals for 2017 is sewing jeans.

It’s time to level up my sewing. My technical skills and patience are ready for jeans.

I’ll start with the Mia jeans from Sew Over It’s City Break capsule wardrobe pattern collection. Mia doesn’t have front pockets, which makes it easier than the Jamie jeans.

I fell for Named’s Jamie jeans last year when they were part of Indiesew’s spring 2015 collection. The seams that run up the front of the legs are an interesting design detail.

How to start: I bought notions for one pair of jeans. I need to print, trace, and cut out the patterns.

4.) Participate in Project #SewMyStyle

Participating in Project #SewMyStyle is a sewing goal for 2017.
When this sewing challenge came up in my Instagram, I wanted in! Project #SewMyStyle aims to get young sewists excited about stitching their own clothes.

Project participants will sew the same pattern every month (12 different patterns for 2017) and post their makes on IG with the #SewMyStyle hashtag. The first pattern is Sew House 7’s Toaster 2 sweater, which I had been stalking for a while.

Not every pattern is my style, but it’s a great way to learn new techniques and try some looks that I otherwise would have overlooked. Plus, challenges like this are a great way to “meet” other sewists online.

How to start: Print, trace, and cut Toaster 2: Toaster’s Revenge and make muslins.

5.) Complete Wardrobe Architect

Completing Colette Pattern's Wardrobe Architect is on my to-do list for 2017.
Oh, Wardrobe Architect, you’re such a fab idea that I never executed on! When it first came out, I was trying to get pregnant — not an ideal time to invest in your wardrobe. And when Colette revisited WA in 2015, I was pregnant (and eventually postpartum) — again, not an ideal time to invest in your wardrobe.

Oh, babies and how they change your body. I’m blaming my inaction on my sweet, youngest son, ha ha.

Well, now it’s 2017 and there are no more babies. I’m a sewing blogger/stay-at-home parent and intended to stay that way for some time.

I’ve reached stasis with my body and lifestyle. Now is the ideal time to architect my wardrobe and thoughtfully sew garments that will express my personal style.

How to start: Team Colette has detailed directions for Wardrobe Architect. It basically starts with defining a core style.

6.) Sew something from Boundless Style

Sewing a pattern from "Boundless Style" is a 2017 sewing goal.

When I learned about “Boundless Style,” written by Kristiann Boos of Victory Patterns, I was like, “Yaaaahhhhssss, that’s SUCH a good idea.”

In case you didn’t know, “Boundless Style” is a collection of bodices, sleeves, and skirts that are interchangeable. The book solves the problem of, “I love the top of that dress but the skirt of that dress and the sleeves from that dress.”

It’s a collection of beautiful Frankenpatterns that were made for each other. Fashion Plates for grown-up ladies.

And I haven’t sewed a dern thing from this gorgeous book. Whyyy??

How to start: Pick a bodice-sleeve-skirt combo. All but one of the skirts can be made into a peplum, and a peplum top sounds appealing.

7.) Sew a Charming Chevrons quilt

Sewing a lap quilt version of the Charming Chevrons quilt pattern is a sewing goal for 2017.

When I attended the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo in October, I nabbed a charm pack — Asian Fanfare by Paintbrush Studio. I didn’t know what to do with the charm pack, but I was enamored of the fabrics.

I asked quilting friends on IG what can be done with a charm pack, and my pal, Christa Watson (of Christa Quilts fame) suggested her Charming Chevrons pattern for a lap quilt (H/T to Christa for selling herself! #girlboss).

How to start: Charming Chevrons calls for two charm packs, so I need to buy another pack.

I will give you an update on my 2017 sewing goals in six months. Sound like a deal? Fab! From where I stand, it looks like the best way to start is to get printing, assembling, and tracing those PDF patterns!

Over to you, sewing tribe: What are your 2017 sewing goals? If having multiple goals isn’t realistic for you, what’s the No. 1 thing you want to work on this year? Is it a pattern? Technique? Participation in a challenge? Do you have a mantra for 2017? I think mine is going to be “This is supposed to be fun!” Please sound off in comments!

P.S. If you’d like to have an accountability partner, I’m here for you. And I want you guys to ask about my progress, too! Please! Help me stay on track! Hit me up on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

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