This week I was supposed to be in New York state for Camp Workroom Social.

I was signed up for Wardrobe Week, wherein you focus on sewing three garments. I planned to sew True Bias Lander pants, Sew Over It’s Ultimate Shirt, and the Euler bralette from Sophie Hines.

You can guess what happened to those plans, because I’m sure YOUR plans ran into the same roadblocks. Coronavirus and quarantine.

My options for camp were to get a refund or roll over my fees for next year’s event. I opted to hold steady for 2021.

In Search of the Bright Side

There’s research that shows that planning a vacation brings forth more happy vibes than the vacation itself. With this in mind, instead of throwing a pity party for myself and obsessing over the things I’m missing because camp was cancelled, I am looking ahead.

Following are things I’m looking forward to NEXT year when I attend Wardrobe Week. Let’s flash forward to April 2021, when scientists have developed a vaccine for COVID-19, medical professionals have all the equipment they need, and Americans have a new president.

I am looking forward to:

  • Making IRL sewing friends, because sewing people are THE BEST.
  • Talking sewing for hours with these new friends and feeling like we “get” each other.
  • Traveling by myself, particularly to a big city such as New York. No hubs, no kiddos. MOM ON THE LOOSE.
  • Having an identity outside my family (particularly as a mother) for a few days.
  • Wandering around the NYC Fashion District on my own timeline.
  • Figuring out how to pack a carry-on bag with personal effects AND sewing gear (because this girl NEVER checks bags).
  • Asking questions to sewing teachers at camp… and getting unedited answers in real time! So much different from correspondence via social media or email.
  • Discovering how my fellow campers approach sewing problems… and hitting them up for their best tips and tricks, along with their favorite fabric stores, books, patterns, etc.
  • Listening! To everyone about everything! I have a vision of carrying a notebook to capture content and sewing pattern ideas and slick techniques and process improvement intel. I will be a SPONGE, I tell you!
  • Having sewing classes! YAY!
  • Having some quality time in the woods. It’s a balm for my soul.
  • Shopping at Mood Fabrics. I’ve been there in person once, and I CAN NOT WAIT for a deep dive into bolts and bolts and bolts of fabric at a proper fashion fabric retailer.
  • Eating by myself in New York. I love taking myself out to eat. I’m a slow eater, and I can take my time when I’m alone. Plus, it’s great for people watching.
  • Sewing alongside other people! Sewing usually is a solitary practice; it’ll be nice to be physically next to someone for a change.
  • Watching other people sew. I looooove watching how other people handle fabric. Everyone has their own style. What can I adopt into my own practice?
  • Taking part in this exclusive event. I’ve heard the stories about Camp Workroom Social, and I want to participate, too! I’m a lucky gal to have the privilege to attend.

In the Meantime

Boo hoo, I’m not going to camp. How shall I occupy my time?

I am sewing masks for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. I have three dozen masks cut from quilting cotton and ready for stitching. I’m blessed enough to have the means and time to help medical professionals be more safe at work. Along with sheltering in place, it’s an action I can take to make things a little bit better during this bizarre time.

If you’re not interested in sewing masks, that’s OK. Your sewing practice is YOUR practice. Don’t be guilted into making masks because you can. Let sewing be your escape if that’s what you need.

And after I finish masks… I’m not sure what I’ll work on next. Maybe I’ll dive into a project that was intended for camp?

Over to you: What are you working on as you’re quarantined? Are you sewing masks? Have you been on a sewing retreat? If yes, can ya tell us a bit about it and share some tips? Please leave your two cents in comments. Thanks for reading!

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