Here are four quarantine sewing suggestions to try during social distancing for coronavirus.
Here’s a sneaky peek of my ridiculous flounce-sleeve ostrich pajamas.

Hello again, my sewing doves.

As I mentioned last week, I’m home with my husband, Mark, and our sons (5 and 8). Finding a good schedule for everyone has been a challenge, which is why Sie Macht work has been light.

This doesn’t mean, however, that I’ve stopped thinking about sewing! (Like, is that even possible?) I dipped into the Sie Macht archives to bring forth six sewing goodies that I think you’d enjoy during this time of quarantine.

1.) Sewing with Children: Project Ideas for Kiddos of All Ages

Looking for something to do with your kids? This post features sewing project suggestions for littles of all ages, from preschoolers to highschoolers.

2.) Sew with the Flow: Sewing for Your Period

This post is heavy on sewing stuff that maximizes your comfort โ€” loungewear, workout wear, scarves, eye masks, etc. If you’re not going out, might as well snuggle up.

3.) Sewing for Depression and Anxiety: 24 Sewing Ideas to Improve Your Mood

Oh, this post hits close to home; I’ve been feeling physical symptoms of anxiety. Pick a suggested sewing project and do what you can to shift your mood.

4.) Wardrobe Architect Part 1: Getting personal about wardrobe planning

I completed Seamwork mag’s Wardrobe Architect program, which helps you zero in on your personal style. This exercise pushed me to think harder about sewing choices.

5.) Get the Sie Macht Newsletter

If you haven’t already, sign up for the monthly Sie Macht newsletter, which drops Saturday, March 28. In it you’ll get a little love note from ME, an exclusive video, and a roundup of the most recent Sie Macht posts. This month’s video is about my self-designed flannel pajamas (pictured above) that I’ve been working on for more than a year (!!!). Aren’t you dying of curiosity???

6.) The Obvious Sewing Stuff

There’s always burning through your works in progress and sewing your fabric and/or pattern stash. If you’re still stuck for quarantine sewing suggestions, lurk Instagram for challenges. For example, the Sewcialists are hosting a “Sew Your Birth Year” mini challenge.

I hope your sewing practice brings your peace and joy during this challenging time. Please leave a comment with other quarantine sewing suggestions and YOUR personal plans for stitching up a storm (or not, if you’re not feeling it). Let’s discuss and support each other!