Under Construction provides a peek at works in progress.

The fixings for a Sorbetto top. The pattern on the white cotton adds a visual texture that I think will play nicely with the lace and smooth bias binding.ย 

One recent night after I put the boy to bed, I printed the pattern and instructions for a Sorbetto tank, as discussed in this Wishful Thinking post. Since then I’ve also picked an accent color, turquoise.

I plan to add the turquoise lace to both sides of the center pleat, and the matching bias binding will finish the arm and neck holes. The pattern doesn’t call for binding on the bottom hem, but if I have enough of it, I may sew it to the bottom, too. The lace and binding have been washed and dried, and I plan to iron them when I iron the fabric for the top.

The lace and binding are from the rainbow of Wrights brand notions available at Jo-Ann. Maybe it’s not the most creative trim in the world, but I like the fact that the lace and binding match perfectly. I suppose if I were really serious about the stash-busting properties of Sorbetto, I would make my own bias binding, but, frankly, it’s kinda time consuming. Mayhaps next time.

I’m excited to get going on this top! I just successfully finished one project, and it’s got me all fired up! Plus, the Sorbetto pattern directed sewists to Colette’s Flickr group, and the project pictures have my head spinning with inspiration. I suggest you check it out if your creative juices need priming.