MVH works on one half of our picnic table.
Milwaukee is a picnic table town. Drive around and spy on backyards, and you’ll see it’s true.
We have a nice concrete patio — nothing fancy and until this weekend, its only occupant was a bird feeder on a shepherd’s hook.
Two benches convert into the table. The tabletop is flipped up, making a back for the bench, if the bench had a seat, which it doesn’t in this photo. (I think you get the idea.)
MVH used this kit (actually two of these kits) to make the table. Initially we wanted to use composite decking. (Composite offers zero maintenance, which is very appealing.) But the faux lumber was just north of $20 per 12-foot piece.
Let’s crunch the numbers: MVH could have made 5.5 tables of treated lumber ($4 per 12-foot piece) for the cost of one composite table. As much as I like eating outside, I doubt I will go through 5.5 picnic tables in my lifetime (unless I start throwing some awesome parties).
Breaking the fast.
The table’s finish is Pittsburgh Paints solid color waterproofing stain in Navajo Red. In the spring, MVH plans to sand surfaces and add another coat of stain. Over time, the tabletop and bench will become very smooth and even more weatherproof. 
Sometimes he’s only happy on a lap. We eat like this a lot.
Our first picnic table meal was breakfast.
It’s Paul.
Oats, coffee, and the newspaper became a special treat under the shade of trees. We went back to the table for dinner, too.
Erin and Paul wish you good morning.
Are you an out-of-doors diner?