The order is placed for these nursing pads.
Remember in this post how I talked about how easy it would be to make nursing pads?
I still think it would be easy. But that didn’t stop me from ordering more pads this past weekend.
I promised MVH I’d start work on sewn stuff for the jogging stroller (as discussed here) — first thing after I finished hemming a knit skirt.
Hemming the skirt should have taken 10 minutes (honest!). But then my walking foot was all wonky, and now I’ve got stitches to pull and a hem to re-pin and sew. So now instead of a 10-minute job, I have a 30-minute-plus job. Gah.
While sewing nursing pads would go pretty fast, it still involves a trip to the local fabricmart, washing the flannel, pressing the flannel, and cutting the flannel pieces. (There’s a lot of non-sewing in sewing!)
Because I didn’t want another project to slide ahead of the jogging stroller (and I need them ASAP), I opted for pre-made nursing pads. They’re made of organic jersey, and I’m curious to see how that fabric works compared with woven material. I hope they get really soft, like an old T-shirt.
Over to you: have you ever talked a big game about how you could make something only to end up buying it? Please share! It will be cathartic. Promise. I feel better already.