Say, that fabric looks familiar…
Cruising through my Google Reader recently, I came across this post from BurdaStyle. The woman’s dress is the same fabric I used to make my cat situpon, as discussed in this post.
The Liberty of London fabric, in case you’re interested, is the Fordwych pattern in blue from the Marylebone collection. I bought my fabric from Sew, Mama, Sew! but I couldn’t find it for sale on the site. (Not that SMS has a shortage of cute fabric!)
The technical drawing of the dress.
I’m not sold on the dress pattern for myself. In theory, I like it; it’s a cute frock. But I think the neckline is too high for my figure. The pattern is for petite sizes, and I think the dress would look better on a small woman. The proportions, to me, are shrunken. Do you see that, too?
I don’t think the dress on the model in the above photo fits very well. The bust is pulling near the arm hole, and the arm hole itself looks small.
Have you had a similar making deja vu? Your medium used in a different application? Please share!

Images via BurdaStyle.