Watch me sew two pairs of leggings - and majorly fail on one of the pairs at the last minute. YIKES.

Happy 2020, sewing friends! I hope you had downtime during the winter holidays to get in some QST (quality stitching time).

In this installment of Work in Progress, we go deep into sewing two pairs of leggings โ€” a metallic pair and a (mostly) black pair. And one of them was a super-duper mega fail at the very last second. Rawr, rage blackout!

Once I got over it, which took comfort from hubs, a big brownie, and several episodes of “Good Mythical Morning,” I realized my error will force me to:

  • Sew an even better pair of leggings!
  • Improve the pattern!!
  • Strengthen my sewing skills on said pattern!!!

Better product, better process. OK, I can deal with that.

As I edited this WIP, I realized I never was explicit about the sewing steps for the leggings. Here they are:

  1. Sew the crotch gusset to one of the back crotches.
  2. Sew the back crotch seam.
  3. Sew the front crotch seam.
  4. Sew the back unit to the front unit at the inseam.
  5. Attach the waistband. (I get into greater detail about how to sew the waistband in the previous WIP video and in this video).
  6. Hem your leggings!

Enjoy the video, guys!

Should you be interested, here are pertinent links from the video:

These are the leggings I sewed:ย Made-to-Measure Leggings: Online Sewing Class Review.

Here’s the temporary spray adhesive from Spray n Bond. Worked well for me; not too stinky/fume-y. Glad to have it in my toolbox!

The cutting mat you see is my big, old, self-healing Olfa mat that rocks my socks.

Here’s my (similar) Fiskars 45 millimeter rotary cutter. And here are replacement blades, too!

These are my Gingher applique (duckbill) scissors. They feel expensive but don’t have an insane price tag.

This is my fave fabric marker. I like the yellow chalk because it shows up on light AND dark fabrics.

Wonder Clips are the jam, people. They’re also fab for holding together thick fabrics (ahem, DENIM) or lots of layers of fabric when pins can’t do the job.

I followed directions from “Sewing Activewear” to draft the crotch gusset. (The directions are good, despite my error! I swear!)

Hey, here’s another WIP about leggings (featuring the pink leggings I mention in THIS vid):ย Work in Progress: How I Added a Waistband to Leggings.

While we’re chatting about leggings with waistbands, here are sources for power mesh: and Joann.

The sweatshirt I’m wearing is from the IG account Balam Says. Yeah, he’s an Instagram-famous cat and I want him to be my boyfriend.

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