Welcome to the top 10 Sie Macht posts of the year that was 2019. How many have you read?

The year that was 2019 is closing quickly, and it’s time to reflect on all that’s happened at Sie Macht Headquarters.

I didn’t sew a ton, but I feel like I hit a groove with blogging and making videos. I also worked hard on my editorial calendar, brainstorming topics I thought would be most irresistible to sewists. Considering I’m a one-woman show, I think I done good in 2019.

Year’s end is a time of reflection for businesses, and in this mind-set I pored over data to discover the most-viewed posts published between December 1, 2018, and November 30, 2019. Now’s your chance to catch up on the Sie Macht posts that drew the greatest number of eyeballs in 2019.

Most Popular Sie Macht Posts of 2019

Following are the top posts by page view, from most page views to least page views:

1.) The Joann Concept Store is Good. But Here’s What Sewists Really Want.

I’m not surprised this is the most popular post of the year. As of December 11, 2019, this post had were 106 comments! If you live in the States and you’re a sewist, you have an opinion about Joann.

2.) Amazon Tricks for Fabric Shopping: The Ultimate Guide for Sewists

If you have an internet connection, there’s a 95 percent chance you’ve bought something from Amazon. If you’re a sewist who has an internet connection… well, you do the math. You NEED this post to find the best fabric for your projects!

3.) Blackwood Cardigan, Where Have You Been All My Life?

The Blackwood cardigan may be the Platonic ideal of the cardigan. Why I haven’t I made more of these? Why haven’t YOU made more of these? Get on it!

4.) Sewing My First Pair of Ginger Jeans

Jeans, jeans, everyone loves jeans. And everyone loves the Ginger jeans pattern from Closet Case (including yours truly). Read this post for all the dirt on all the gear I used to sew these dungarees.

5.) 12 Rainbow Clothes Ideas That Won’t Make You Look Like a Child

Do you like rainbows but are afraid of looking like Rainbow Brite if you dare to wear rainbow colors? THIS, my dears, is the post for YOU. (P.S. I have a killer Pinterest board with gobs of rainbow inspo, should you be interested. P.P.S. Follow me on PInterest, y’all!)

6.) 53 Gifts for Sewists: The Ultimate Guide to Gifts for Sewing Lovers

This post really isn’t for sewists; it’s for anyone who needs a gift for a sewist. So, it’s a good post for sewists to read if they need to give gift suggestions to people who don’t know what to buy sewists. All clear? πŸ˜‚ (Ya get me, I know it.)

7.) Sewing Bargains: How to Save Money on Amazon

This is the sister post to Amazon tricks for fabric shopping. If you want to save cash money on sewing goodies by shopping Amazon’s bargain sections, this is the post for you. There’s even a video that walks you through how to access all the deals departments!

8.) 12 Totally Topical DIY Halloween Costumes for 2019

This might be the most fun I had writing a post in 2019. I got to research pop culture trends and brainstorm how to turn them into costumes. If you’re a DIY Halloween costume baby until you D-I-E, this post is for you.

9.) Simplicity 8738: A Sweater for Non-Knitters

Oh geez, this tunic sweater is THE. BEST. SWEATER. It has a turtleneck. It covers your bum. There’s minimal/no fitting. You can stitch it in a gazillion different knits. If you’re cold right now, read this post. And then sew this sweater in probably less than a hour (no lie).

10.) The Boundless Style Maxi Dress: Lady in Red

Hello, Princess Dress 2019! I feel absolutely regal in this frock; it’s nice to make those kinds of garments from time to time. Read this post for pretty pictures and a mini review of the “Boundless Style” dressmaking book from Victory Patterns.

Over to you: Did you have a favorite post that’s not in the top 10? I do:Β Make Time to Sew with These Free Productivity Tools. I have a feeling it’s going to be a slow grower. What would you like to see more of from Sie Macht in 2020? What would you like to see LESS of? I’m all ears, and I strive to delight YOU! Speaking of blog posts, could you do me a big favor? I made a super-fast, totally anonymous survey asking about future Sie Macht posts. Please click the link to share your post preferences! Thank you!

P.S. This is the last post of 2019! I’ll be back in a few week with new stuff. Time for a holiday break! πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸŽ

Balloon photo by Adi GoldsteinΒ onΒ Unsplash