Check out the ready-to-wear-style waistband I added to my Made to Measure leggings muslin. Very pleased with how they turned out. Watch the video for all the play by play.I’m happy to share that my leggings muslin — the one with the crotch gusset in the previous Work in Progress — came together WONDERFULLY!

So, not only do these pink leggings have a crotch gusset (fancy schmancy), they also have a ready-to-wear-style wide waistband! And it looks so profesh!

When I left you, I had cut the top (waistband) portion of the leggings too short, which forced me to add a wide waistband or be left with ultra-low-rise leggings (no bueno). You can file this forced waistband hack under Happy Accidents, because I’m OBSESSED with the look of these leggings. I mention this in the video, but breaking up the back crotch seam with the wide waistband gives the leggings all sorts of good proportions.

One thing, though, as I write up this post… do these leggings make me look like I have flamingo legs? Did I unintentionally sew my Halloween costume for next year? Only time will tell.

Oh hey: How are you liking the Work in Progress vlogs? Too long? Too short? How could they be better? I’m open to constructive feedback. TIA.

Here are this edition’s links:

Here’s the power net waistband tutorial from that guided this whole hack.

ICYMI, the crotch gusset tutorial, featured in the previous WIP, is from Sewing Activewear, a sewing book by Johanna Lundstrom.

These leggings are the Made to Measure leggings from, and here’s a post I write about them: Made-to-Measure Leggings: Online Sewing Class Review.

Upon further review, I’m 99 percent sure I bought my power mesh/net from I also found some decent-feeling power mesh at Joann (haven’t sewn with it, but I’d be willing to give it a shot).

This is the leggings fabric in a different colorway. It’s fairly lightweight and holds up well after MANY workouts and washes.

Here’s the 3/8-inch swimwear elastic. Here’s some 1/4-inch swimwear elastic. The gals recommend swimwear elastic because it holds up against moisture (like when you’re working out and sweating yer buns off). [BTW, I’m not working with on promotion; I really like their stuff and think it’s worth recommending to other sewists.]

Here are my Gingher applique scissors. (This is a good Christmas pressie for you, my sewing sweethearts!)

Should you be interested, here’s a trailer for BodyPump, the group weightlifting course I talked about. I’m addicted.

Here’s the blog post on what to do if you’re ghosted after winning an Instagram challenge.

Here’s the post on why sewing challenges are bad. Very interesting perspective; if you only read one thing here, make it this one. What do you think? Leave a comment!

Here is the embroidered jacket from Closet Case Patterns. It’s embroidery with training wheels.

Here are those super-cool, coated-denim jeans by Ms. Allie Jackson.

P.S. In case you missed the previous post, here it is: DIY Sweatshirt Ideas: 33 Cozy and Cute Tutorials. If you’re cold and looking for a way to spice up a roasty-toasty, me-made sweatshirt/pullover/sweater/jumper, this is the post for you! It’s a lot of fun and a good thing to pin for later.

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