Under Construction provides a peek at works in progress.

The pattern before I taped it together. I am not standing on one foot here; don’t believe your eyes. But believe in the awesomeness of my mattified gold pedicure.

I finally got around to putting together the Sorbetto pattern last night, and I thought you’d like a peek at what the process looked like. I thought it was pretty cool; I’d never done it before.

The pattern is a free PDF that you download and print. The whole doc is 25 pages, with the first nine pages being instructions and the back 16 being pattern pieces.

The sewist cuts out the 6-by-10-inch rectangles that compose the pattern and matches them at their appropriate marks โ€” 1A on one rectangle meets 1A on another rectangle, etc. I took a sort of weird joy in sitting on the floor with my scissors assembling this 2-by-4-foot puzzle. I liked watching this simple pattern reveal itself to me.

It’s not like it would take much to make a pattern PDF. There is software for such an activity, and I have no doubt it could be done in Adobe Illustrator. Still thought it was pretty slick, though.

The next step is to cut out the pattern in my size. I think I may like printing the pattern better than buying it in an envelope. Pattern paper is so flipping flimsy, and there’s no great way to fold it back up for envelope storage.

How do you feel about print-your-own patterns? Have you used one before? Whose patterns do you think are easiest to use?