Under Construction provides a peek at works in progress.
MVH hoses down the jogging stroller.
My parents’ neighbors had a rummage sale a number of years ago, and at the end of the sale, this jogging stroller remained unsold. It was wheeled to the end of their driveway for garbage collection.
Knowing we were runners, my folks pointed out the stroller to me and MVH โ€” you know, for their hypothetical grandchildren.
Front view of the stroller.
We planned to have kids, and we had room for the stroller in our Madison garage, so we reclaimed it from the trash and got on with our lives.
MVH dragged it out of our Greenfield garage this past weekend and gave it a good inspection and preliminary cleanup. It needs a lot of TLC. I need to remake or mend many of the cloth parts, and MVH will be working on mechanical elements.

 After years of storage in two different garages, the stroller was filthy. Look at that brown water in the seat! Not good for baby.
It will be a while before Paul is big enough to ride in it, but why not get started now? I’m itching to hit the road again, after I get my doc’s OK.
The handlebar needs new padding.