Under Construction provides a peek at works in progress.
This is how I blog. (Well, not yet.)
There comes a time in the life of every nursing mother when her thoughts turn to pumping. (Please forgive me; I’ve got breasts on the brain these days.)

I bought (and returned) a pre-made pumping bra. After I tried it on, I was convinced that I could make something that fit better for a fraction of the cost. At first I envisioned a corset/tube top piece, but MVH suggested modifying a sports bra, and I ran with it.
This support bustier is cuter than the above Medela bustier and is built a bit differently. The openings are slits (see picture below). 
The opening is more like a reinforced buttonhole.
My first pass isn’t quite up to snuff (the holes are a touch too big), but I’ve got a fix for them. Stay tuned.

Photos via Amazon.com.