One earring, two pierced ears. Hrm.


1. Buy beautiful earrings at cute boutique.

Erin and the earrings cross the Brooklyn Bridge in June 2008.

2. Love earrings. Wear them tons. Collect many compliments. Take them on vacation.

3. Wear earrings to your class reunion. Break an earring on the dance floor while partying like it’s 1999. Stuff solo earring into purse. Find earring many months later.

Two pieces of old jewelry.

5. Shuffle through jewelry-making supplies. Find chain from old necklace and a jump ring.

6. Pry hook off earring. Attach jump ring to earring.

New necklace, old parts.

7. Slide earring onto chain.

8. Enjoy earring’s second life as a pendant.

How have you resurrected old jewelry, accessories, clothing, etc.? I’m always looking for good ideas!