If you don't have spring wardrobe plans yet, please let me provide some sewing inspiration! Now is the perfect time to kick around sewing ideas for spring, and I'm delighted to share some choice spring 2021 fashion trends with you.

If you don’t have spring wardrobe plans yet, please let me provide some sewing inspiration! Now is the perfect time to kick around sewing ideas for spring, and I’m delighted to share some choice spring 2021 fashion trends with you.

Style watchers identified the following fads and colors as hot for spring. (P.S. For each trend, I suggest three sewing patterns.) Maybe something here will claw its way into your spring sewing queue!

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What Will Be Trendy in 2021?

Cropped Cardigan

The cropped cardigan, which, in my mind, always will be linked to the ’90s masterpiece “Clueless,” is hot for spring. These cardis hit at the waist or high hip and often conceal an even shorter crop top.

What sets these sweaters apart from their 1990s forebears are sleeves. These sleeves are fuller β€” approaching statement sleeve status β€” and longer.

I find this trend ladylike and the perfect visual compliment to high-waisted pants. Plus, if you’re wearing a cropped cardigan, you’ll never accidently sit on it.

Should you be interested in sewing a cropped cardigan, check out these patterns and their hashtags on Instagram:

πŸ’™ Made for Mermaids Women’s Clueless Cardigan Pattern: I mean, c’mon β€” it’s called the CLUELESS cardigan!

πŸ’™ Itch to Stitch Lisbon Cardigan: This pattern is beloved on PatternReview.com.

πŸ’™ Simplicity Misses’ Knit Cardigans 8951: One completely classic cardigan, please and thank you!
Sizes 6-14
Sizes 14-22


Watch for cutouts in spring 2021. This go-round of the trend doesn’t include cold shoulders. Instead, look for cutouts that feature the waist, back, upper chest, and underbust.

Cutouts are more wearable than a lot of people give them credit for. In the Pinterest board (above), I collected cutouts that I judged as fairly modest and often subtle.

If showing too much skin makes you uneasy, there’s probably a conservative cutout to match your comfort level. I also like layered cutouts, such as the woman on the Pinterest board with the black spaghetti-strap tank. The layers create an eye-catching contrast.

The following sewing patterns feature cutouts:

πŸ’™ McCall’s M8175 – Vanessa: The waist cutouts are petite and sweet.

πŸ’™ Deer and Doe Belladone: The diamond cutout on the back gives this dress a touch of sass.

πŸ’™ Butterick Misses Tulip-Shaped, Open-Back Dresses and Jumpsuit 6351: I love the jumpsuit views of this pattern!

Sheer and Netting

To play with this fashion trend in spring 2021, consider a sheer shirt that fits like a second skin. These thin shirts are meant for layering.

If you’re feeling bold, do the visible bra thing. If you’re feeling less bold, instead opt for a sheer shirt with a print or a tank top. And if you’re really not feeling the transparency, try a form-fitting mock turtleneck in a fine rib knit; it’ll have a similar vibe.

The thing I like about sheer/mesh shirts is that they play well with the other three trends highlighted in this post. You could wear a sheer top with a cropped cardi, dress with cutouts, or softly tailored boyfriend blazer. The sheer top could work for extra warmth, protection against itchy garment interiors, or added modesty.

I chose three mock turtleneck patterns that would be perfect for this trend:

πŸ’™ Victory Patterns Frances Modular T-Shirt and Dress: This pattern is a mix-and-match dream.

πŸ’™ True Bias Nikko Top and Dress: This indie-sewing darling can be sewn as a top or body-con dress.
Sizes 0-16
Sizes 14-30

πŸ’™ Megan Nielsen Rowan Bodysuit and Tee: This slim-fitting top has different neck-opening options and can be stitched as a bodysuit.
Sizes 0-12
Sizes 14-30

Soft Tailoring

To me, the epitome of this spring 2021 trend is the boyfriend blazer: slouchy with relaxed structure. I think you could take any blazer pattern, go up a size or two, and nail this trend.

The soft tailoring trend also calls for wide, slouchy pants and oversized button-up shirts. Garments are belted and cinched to keep lewks from looking too sloppy.

In the videos I watched to research this post, the fashion trendspotters remarked how “normal” and “wearable” spring 2021 runway shows were. When you’re working from home during a global pandemic, it’s nice to wear outfits that are professional AND comfortable. Soft tailoring checks both boxes.

Please consider these patterns to experiment with the soft tailoring trend:

πŸ’™ Friday Pattern Company Heather Blazer: Sew this and feel like the coolest kid at school (or your house, because you’re self-isolating).

πŸ’™ Style Arc Ebony Woven Pant: The detail in these pull-on pants is so cool! I bet the asymmetry keeps you on your toes while sewing.

πŸ’™ The Assembly Line Oversized Shirt Pattern: Alert! Alert! This oversized shirt includes pockets!

Check out these color trends when sewing a spring wardrobe in 2021.

What are the Colors for 2021?

In spring 2021, the biggest color story is pastels. Picture a soft rainbow, candy colors, or sorbet. Drilling deeper, many fashion watchers identified soft yellow as the No. 1 color of spring. That tracks, because Pantone named Illuminating, a lemon yellow, as one of its colors of 2021.

Silver also was spotted on many runways. Maybe we’re all looking for a silver lining? Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth.

Earthy, natural, and muted hues are trending in spring 2021. Get your hands on some khaki, olive, sage, or white. Lots of safari vibes.

Sewing Challenge: Sew a Spring 2021 Trend

Obviously you can do want you want with this knowledge of spring 2021 fashion trends. I treat it as aspirational and inspirational, but I can understand why many people don’t give a hoot about runway fashions. My only rule about fashion is that you should wear what you want, regardless of trends or what’s considered “flattering” (because flattering, if you get down to it, is fatphobic). Sewists, you’re in charge of your own sewing practice!

BUT. If you’re looking for inspiration for sewing a spring wardrobe in 2021, I have something for you: a game of chance! Why not let a blog on the internet decide your next sewing project?

Spring 2021 Fashion Trend Sewing Challenge

Spin the wheel to discover your sewing project for spring 2021!

Hey, if you sew your challenge, please post it to Instagram and tag me: @sie.macht.sewing.

Over to you, gentle readers: What do you make of these spring fashion trends? What do you love? What do you loathe? What would you wear?

P.S. Should you be interested, our pals at The Foldline have a “Sew the Spring Trends” video! In case your not familiar with this series from TFL, they see what’s popping with everyday apparel retailers and recommend matching sewing patterns. It’s good stuff!