You're invited to read Fibre Mood sewing magazine with me. Fibre Mood publishes sewing patterns and hosts an online community for sewists. If you like Burda Style, Fibre Mood probably is up your alley.

Let me introduce you to Fibre Mood, a new(ish) publisher of sewing patterns and an online sewing community. If you like Burda Style — but maybe are a wee bit intimidated by Burda Style — Fibre Mood might be a good option for you!

This pattern book came to me all the way from Belgium. (If there’s a pattern mag out there that I’ve never bought, I MUST add it to my sewing library.) And I’m glad I spent the euros on it, because the patterns are G-O-O-D. I have vivid visions of waltzing around this summer in a few of these patterns.

Keep reading for your Fibre Mood primer, including a read-along video that shows off all pages of the English edition of the pattern book!

What You Need to Know About Fibre Mood

Fibre Mood is a catalog of sewing patterns. It’s not really a magazine the way that Threads or Sew News is a magazine. The most editorial it gets is a couple of “Shopping” sections that function as inspiration boards.

Fibre Mood also is a place for stitchers to sewcialize. Sewists can register for free to share their Fibre Mood makes with the community. Fibre Mood also hosts a monthly Link Party, where members can sew up a Fibre Mood pattern, share it on their socials, and have it featured on the Fibre Mood site. It’s a cool way for members to discover bloggers and fellow #sewistsofinstagram.

Fibre Mood's Arlette skirt has three variations.

Fibre Mood also offers its own line of fabric, and all the patterns in the magazine/catalog (magalog?) are made with FM fabric. You can scope out substrate deets on the website. Right now you can only buy Fibre Mood fabric from shops in Belgium, the Netherlands, German, France, and Luxembourg.

This 100-page pattern book, with 16 sewing and knitting patterns, was €12.50. To ship to my home in the Milwaukee suburbs of Wisconsin, U.S. of A., the total was €22.50 (including VAT). That’s €1.41 per pattern ($1.59 USD).

Should you be interested (and if you got this far, I suspect you are!), here’s a look INSIDE Fibre Mood, captured pop-up video style. Yup, you can see all the patterns right here (it’s a little more than 6 minutes):

Sewing a Fibre Mood Pattern

If you’re hot to sew an FM pattern, break out the tracing paper, my stitching kittens. The patterns pieces are layered on pages inside the pattern book, like Burda Style. I think the pattern pages are less busy than Burda’s pattern pages.

The pattern pieces DO NOT include seam allowances, but IMO Fibre Mood does a good job visually prescribing SAs. In the instructions for each pattern (found in the second half of the magazine), there’s an outline of each pattern piece with a number along each edge. THESE are the seam allowances — in centimeters.

Fibre Mood patterns do not include seam allowance. You must add them when you trace the patterns.

If you don’t want to trace a pattern (or buy the pattern book), each pattern is sold individually for €7.50. (You’ll still have to add seam allowances.)

Something else worth mentioning when it comes to sewing a Fibre Mood pattern is that the site features itty-bitty video trailers (less than 30 seconds) of each pattern. For example, here’s the Riva jumpsuit from issue No. 3. It’s a great help to see how a garment and its fabric move before you’re deep into your own creation.

My three fave patterns in this issue of Fibre Mood are the Arlette wrap skirt, the Susan shirt dress, and the Riva jumpsuit.

My Top Pattern Picks

In this edition of FM, I’m loving (above):

  • Arlette, a wrap skirt with three variations — small ruffles, no ruffles, and big ruffles. I’m generally not one for ruffles, but  it’s the wrap-ness of this skirt that charms me. I think it would be a wardrobe workhorse in denim chambray.
  • Susan, a long shirt dress with double side slits. Susan is very similar to Sew Over It’s Kate dress (featured in the “Work to Weekend” ebook). I picture the Susan dress in flighty linen or luscious Tencel twill.
  • Riva, a wrap-front jumpsuit that’s a ringer for Paper Theory’s super-hot Zadie jumpsuit. I want to make the Riva jumpsuit for the Sew Together for the Summer challenge; I’m thinking it’d be great in a linen print or maybe seersucker. What would you do?

Over to you, my sewing loves: What’s your first impression of Fibre Mood (if it’s new to you)? If it’s NOT new to you, have you bought it or made an FM pattern? Which patterns intrigue YOU most? Tell us about it! Thanks for reading — and watching.

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