One of my favorite events, the Wisconsin State Fair, wrapped this weekend. It sounds corny, but it’s a great time for the whole family โ€” good eats, animals of all shapes and sizes, and the best people watching of the year.

I love to poke around the 4-H exhibits, and I was especially hot on the quilts, probably because I recently finished my first quilt.

Feast your eyes on these beauties!

The rainbow colors pop against the black background.

Love the turquoise and purple colorway.

I am deeply in love with the backing fabric here. I am pretty much a goner when it comes to a combo of pink-red-blue-turquoise. I think that’s Amy Butler?

Dat colorway. And I love how the floral display matches the quilt. The white lattice is a great touch. The onlooker looks like she’s part of the display. #performanceart

I also am deeply in love with this orange-hot pink-purple colorway. It reminds me of Spree candies.

Harvest colors.

Color, color everywhere!

This makes me have Tetris feelings, and that’s a good thing.

Each square is different, but the whole quilt is harmonious.

I also was enamored of the hooked rugs. I don’t know how they’re made, but I intend to find out!

I hope this is an original design. A circus fat lady?? WUT?

Gah, the texture of the rugs kills me! Maybe I need to take up another textile-related hobby?

And here are some just-for-fun pics:

Clockwise from top left: Checking out the award-winning dahlias; admiring a rabbit-shaped cake; chowing down on New Berlin Lions Club corn; and examining edible treasures from the garden.

See ya next year, State Fair! You’ve given me extreme quilt goals.

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