I’m not talking sewing room demolition or anything here β€” just painting and other minor updates. Even though they’re small changes, they’ve made a big impact on my sewing mojo. Plus, it’s always fun to creep on other people creative spaces, so here’s mine.

My sewing room, which also is our home office and guest room, was dark. It was painted a middle gray, and the ceiling was the same color. Pair that with a window that faces northwest and an underpowered light fixture, and the space was mighty cavelike. Here’s our path to a brighter sewing room.

I chose a warm white in a satin finish. I love a satin finish because it reflects light ever so slightly. Plus, it’s easy to wipe down. The paint is Behr from The Home Depot.

Here are the other contenders (with the winner marked). For a hot minute, I was in love with the idea of a light pink room. But the apricot tones wooed me.

Here’s some room orientation before we start slapping paint around. The desk, a fabulous vintage score, is on your left as you walk in the door.

Turn counterclockwise, and there’s the wall with the futon. Sometimes my husband stands there in his slippers.

Keep turning counterclockwise, and there’s the window and my sewing area. This is a panoramic pic was stitched together by my phone, which explains why my dress form looks wonky.

Finally, here’s the wall with the big mirror, which is great for reviewing fit. Sometimes my son stands in the door and makes faces.

Strap in for a bunch of selfies! Look at how excited I am to get painting!

Here I am after we cut the room.

P got in on the action. Such concentration.

This is what P did. He told us all about the shapes he was painting. It was really cute.

So happy to be rolling! I love painting with white/light colors. I feel like I’m using a giant eraser. Flaws, scuffs, etc. disappear.

We ended up doing two ceiling coats and three wall coats. The decision to go from two to three coats is a tough one, because you want to be done SO BADLY. But then you get honest about patchy coverage. Grumble grumble grumble.

Next time we paint over any middle-dark color, we’re priming first. You end up needing three coats for coverage anyway (primer coat plus two paint coats), and primer is cheaper than paint.

Here’s the finished room, with the new light fixture. It’s big, bright, and modern, with LED bulbs.

Here’s another look at the light fixture and the wall with the futon (plus Pillow Mimi!).

My favorite creative spaces are open and bright. This room has been calling to me a lot lately, encouraging me to linger. It’s energizing and inspiring. Who knew paint could so quickly fire up my sewing and blogging mojo?

What color is your sewing room? Should I have done pink instead? Do tell!