My favorite topping for gnocchi โ€” freshly grated Parm.

I don’t have too many notes to share on CI’s gnocchi recipe, which I think means it was successful.

  • Technique: The potatoes for this recipe are pressed through a ricer. This makes the dumplings extra light and fluffy. Gnocchi win! I will, however, confess to liking the more dense and chewy gnocchi as well. It’s analogous to liking the tiny meatballs in Spaghetti-Os โ€” you know they’re of a lower quality, but there’s something charming about them anyway.
  • Servings: The recipe says serves two to three as main course or four to six as an appetizer. This is mostly accurate. We counted four main-course servings (two day of and two next day). The actual count was 149 gnocchi. That’s 37.25 gnocchi per main-course serving. (The extra quarter dumpling is extra delicious.)
  • Process: No matter how you make gnocchi, it’s a fussy preposition. You must cook potatoes, mix potatoes with flour, roll the dough into dumplings, and boil the dumplings. Sorry; no shortcuts. I say if you’re committed to gnocchi, your time is best spent making a superior product. This recipe delivers.
Gnocchi with roasted cauliflower.