The patch from the outside of the sports bra.

So when you start breastfeeding a baby, your breasts change. (Hello, Ms. Obvious!)

I truly gained an appreciation for these changes during my first postpartum run. Ouch.

I needed a new sports bra, and after some research, I decided on the Juno by Moving Comfort. And it does a fantastic job. I have just one complaint: the middle seam irritates my skin. Observe:

The offending seam. That little bump rubs my skin raw!

The first time I wore the bra, I didn’t suffer any chafing. The second time, however, it rubbed a raw spot on my chest. The third time I went out, I put some Vaseline over the point of contact (a common runners’ trick); that wasn’t good enough.

A bandage would be sweated off in no time, so my only option became putting a patch over the seam. I cut a rectangle from a retired athletic shirt and safety pinned it to my bra.

This safety-pin fix has been working for about a month. It’s been a pain, though, to unpin the patch each time I wash the bra. So yesterday I decided to sew on the patch.

I was, in part, inspired by National Sewing Month. I want to sew a little bit each day this month.

The patch from the inside of the bra.

To make the patch, I drafted a pattern for it (basically a chevron that follows the neckline of the bra). I sewed the patch two layers thick, turned it inside out, and hand sewed it to the bra. My hand sewing is not particularly pretty, but that patch is on there for good, and that’s all that matters.

I’ll let you know how I’m doing with September sewing from time to time. Are you participating in any sew alongs this month? Know of any fun ones to watch? Please share!