This is what I’ve been staring at last week: the portal for my online classes.

Aloha! You probably noticed I was a little light on posting last week. I’ve got a good excuse: school started.

I’m taking online classes for my M.B.A. this semester, which allows me to be home with Paul. But because I’m back in student mode, my postings likely will be less frequent. Just thought you’d like an explanation for my absence.

I’d like to post at least once a week, which I think is entirely doable. You still can reach me via all the usual channels: Facebook (, Twitter (@erinvanhandel). I’ve been tweeting more because it’s something I can easily accomplish while holding Paul.

In other business, I’ve been doing OK with National Sewing Month. While I haven’t sewn every day, I bet I’ve done some reading about sewing every day. I’ve done more hand sewing (sewing a patch onto another sports bra); I’ve ironed the fabric for the Sorbetto top; and I’ve cleaned my iron. That’s not too bad, eh? How are you doing?