Mwah ha ha ha ha. Paul strokes his evil goatee.
My sister and her husband visited me, MVH, and Paul the day we got home from the hospital. They brought us many treats, including a pair of mustachioed pacifiers.
My sister stuck craft foam mustaches to pacifiers with double-sided foam tape. The result: hilarity.
I think this is a fabulous Halloween idea for a baby who loves pacifiers.
The mustache was especially relevant because in our Victorian-inspired baby announcement card (below), Das Baby had a mustache. (Paul, for the record, was not born with facial hair.) 
My sister said she put the above photo and the Das Baby illustration in a double frame. She said it’s now a lot easier to explain the mustache joke with the images side by side.
Gentleman baby.
Have you made anything with craft foam? I’m not really familiar with the medium. Seems like there’s potential for some neat, cartoony-looking goodies.