Wishful Thinking shares projects that catch my eye — and their likelihood of completion.

The bustier top is classy and flirty. Photo via BurdaStyle.

This pattern from BurdaStyle was featured on the site’s blog recently, and I instantly was smitten.

Why I like it:

  • It’s unapologetically feminine.
  • Clean lines.
Technical drawing via BurdaStyle.

My construction specifications:

  • For my summer wardrobe.
  • Made of navy natural fabric with some stretch and texture or small pattern (e.g., eyelet, herringbone). Navy would conceal unsightly sweat spots, should a sweat be broken.

Wearing scenario:

  • Donned for a bike date with MVH.
  • Worn with full, colorful skirt and espadrilles.
  • We are young and carefree! We practice Italian phrases with each other! La dolce vita! 
Visiting Milwaukee’s lakefront Sunday, May 22, at 38 weeks. My torso isn’t exactly bustier-shaped these days. Photo by MVH.

The reality:

  • The birth of my first child could happen any day. Carefree? I think not. Super-stoked? Absolutely.
  • Along with Das Baby, I’ll be spending the summer with a body in flux. Shape-conscious garments are not a wise choice. What the heck size top would I even make? I dunno. And then how long before my shape changes again?
  • DB will not be big or strong enough to join us for a bike date this summer, so I’m thinking that’s probably out, too.
  • By the time my size has stabilized, such a top likely will be out of season.

Likelihood of completion (10 = it’s practically making itself; 1 = never ever):

  • I give this project a likelihood rating of 3. I could definitely see making it for NEXT summer/spring, but I think it’s a no-go for this season. Time for more experimentation with other silhouettes. I predict lots of knits.

Have any fun summer sewing under way? Please share! Let me live vicariously through your waist!