Two bratwursts, one kielbasa, and one toasted bun.

MVH‘s birthday was last week, but the first chance we had for a proper birthday dinner was Easter Sunday.

We knew the weather was going to be nice, and we were itching to haul out the Weber.

The menu was German-inspired (save the kielbasa). MVH made a special trip to Bavaria Sausage for authentic brats.


Spaetzle boil, and an onion fries in butter.

Also on the menu: spaetzle (doughy egg noodles).

I fried the cooked spaetzle after they were done boiling. I wanted the noodles to get brown and crispy-chewy. Alas, I think I put too many noodles in the pan, and the results were not browned. Still chewy, though.


At the table.

We also cooked potatoes and onions on the grill in aluminum foil packets. Packets are dead easy and really delicious โ€” probably my favorite way to cook vegetables.

The Yukon Golds and red onions were cut into large pieces (see left side of above photo), tossed with olive oil, ground pepper, and kosher salt, and double-wrapped in aluminum foil. About 20 minutes on the grill deliver steamy, roasty veggies.

Shiny chocolate ganache.

Dinner was followed by torta alla gianduia, chocolate hazelnut cake from Nigella Lawson’s How to Be a Domestic Goddess.

It was MVH’s choice. At VHHQ, the tradition is for the birthday celebrant to pick a cake for the other person to bake.

This was a very good choice. It was as good as it looked.

Waiting for dessert.

It wasn’t a traditional Easter feast, but it sure was delicious.

Happy birthday, baby, and many more.