What They Made

What They Made: Baby beard

My sister-in-law made this for Paul! Check out Paul’s latest head wear: a crocheted hat and beard, stitched with love by his Aunt D! Way cool.She got the idea from the December issue of Real Simple. I’ve seen the baby beard pop up in Etsy, too. Anyhoo, she saw it and thought, “I can make […]

Recommended Reading: Wildwood

Recommended Reading highlights articles, books, and sites that I think are worth checking out. Satisfaction is finishing a good, thick book. When I’m not reading books with the words “baby” or “management” in their titles (strangely, I have not read a book with both “baby” AND “management” in the title — yet), I like a good […]

Handmade Brewers gear

(From left) Prince Fielder, Craig Counsell, and Ryan Braun are gearing up for the postseason, along with the rest of Milwaukee! Photo by Rick Wood via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Don’t know if you’ve heard, but the Milwaukee Brewers, my hometown baseball club, are the National League Central champions. THIS IS A BIG DEAL. I repeat: […]

What They Made: Seed of sunshine

 Standing tall. My neighbor pointed out recently this sunflower that sprouted near our brush pile between our houses. Apparently, sun plus seed plus squirrel or bird equals sunflower. I hope your week is off to a great start, and I hope you keep your eyes peeled for beauty everywhere!

What They Made: Ross Wellington

Introducing Ross Wellington. My husband, Mark (aka MVH), and his longtime friend, Brian Ellis, have been working on a graphic novel called “Ross Wellington” since 2004. Ross Wellington is the lone alien survivor of the Roswell crash, and he makes a living as a private detective. The story is sci-fi meets noir, and it never […]

What They Made: Picnic table

 MVH works on one half of our picnic table.   Milwaukee is a picnic table town. Drive around and spy on backyards, and you’ll see it’s true. We have a nice concrete patio — nothing fancy — and until this weekend, its only occupant was a bird feeder on a shepherd’s hook. Two benches convert […]

What They Made: Mustachioed pacifiers

Mwah ha ha ha ha. Paul strokes his evil goatee. My sister and her husband visited me, MVH, and Paul the day we got home from the hospital. They brought us many treats, including a pair of mustachioed pacifiers. My sister stuck craft foam mustaches to pacifiers with double-sided foam tape. The result: hilarity. I […]

What They Made: Handmade for Das Baby

What They Made is an occasional series in which I highlight handmade items that tickle my fancy.   The Buege sisters, BN and Erin. (The pattern on this dress does a pretty good job of concealing 33 weeks of pregnancy — at least from the front!) Photo by my mom. My sister, BN, with a […]

What They Made: Figs & Ginger

What They Made is an occasional series in which I highlight handmade items that tickle my fancy. Das Baby was 36 weeks as of Sunday, May 8 — Mother’s Day. I’m not a mother yet… give me a few weeks (Yip!). But I was given a very lovely Mother’s Day gift Sunday. Traditional mother’s jewelry […]

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