How to Sew (Almost) Any Waistband: My Technique [VIDEO]

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Sewing a waistband speeds along โ€” until you get to the final step of blind stitching by hand the inner waistband to the pants or skirt. Hand stitching isn’t hard, but it’s certainly not fast, either. Keep reading to learn a hand-stitching-free technique for sewing a waistband. It’s quicker thank hand sewing and produces a tidy result, inside and out! […]

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Knit fabric woes, not knitting woes. I broke up with knitting a while ago. ย  I wasn’t going to blog about this, because it seemed like a nothing event: I was going to hem a knit skirt. Borophyll. It was going to take 10 minutes. ย  I decided how long the skirt should be, cut […]

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