Under Construction: Jogging stroller redux | Road test

Under Construction provides a peek at works in progress. If you’ve been following my Twitter feed, you know this week I’ve been working on the jogging stroller. Big news: it’s finished! Yay! MVH took it for test drive. Here’s the photographic evidence: There he goes!   This looks like an artsy pic, but it just […]

Babycentric: Animal collage

I’ve got a new baby, and a lot of my making has been babycentric. Here’s a look at one creation. ย  ย  The inspiration: Golden stamp books of “Mammals of North America” and “Cats.” ย  Last summer, I found a pair of Golden stamp books at a rummage sale. Do you remember these activity books? […]

Under Construction: Jogging stroller redux

Under Construction provides a peek at works in progress.   MVH hoses down the jogging stroller. My parents’ neighbors had a rummage sale a number of years ago, and at the end of the sale, this jogging stroller remained unsold. It was wheeled to the end of their driveway for garbage collection. Knowing we were […]

The big coverup

Lest you think all I do around here is eat, here’s a glimpse at a pair of clothing projects. I have a beach vacation coming up, and I need swimsuit coverups that are more stylish than an oversized Brewers T-shirt (charming as it may be). I want coverups that go from beach to cafe and […]

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