Done and Done: Situpon for cats

Let’s get critical about a finished project. Kitty and Gato demonstrate proper use of a cat situpon. Here’s a project from the archives. I made this seat protector last summer to keep cat fur off a red chair in my living room. I refer to it as a situpon, a nod to my days in […]

Granny’s Clothespin Apron in practice

A sunny day to chase diaper funk away. Photo by MVH. Check it out, dudes. MVH hung a clothesline for us, and I’m putting my fab clothespin apron to use. Very handy! I love how the diapers look like a little rainbow. My only worry is that Paul may have allergies (pollen, grass, etc.) we […]

Done and Done: Granny’s Clothespin Apron

Let’s get critical about a finished project.  Image via Storey Publishing. I completed Granny’s Clothespin Apron last week. (It appears in the upper-right corner of the book’s cover image.) Like I said in this post, I needed a catchall for clothespins because Das Baby’s cloth-diaper covers need to be line-dried. The good The final product […]

Crafting in the slow lane

  Susan Wasinger is the author of “Sewn By Hand.” Image via BurdaStyle. This recent BurdaStyle interview with Susan Wasinger gave me a lot of pause.  Wasinger has a new book out called “Sewn By Hand: Two Dozen Projects Sewn with Needle and Thread.” The book advocates a “slow craft” (sewing-machine-free) movement and upcycling materials. […]

Wishful Thinking: Bustier Top with Cap Sleeves

Wishful Thinking shares projects that catch my eye — and their likelihood of completion. The bustier top is classy and flirty. Photo via BurdaStyle. This pattern from BurdaStyle was featured on the site’s blog recently, and I instantly was smitten. Why I like it: It’s unapologetically feminine. Clean lines. Technical drawing via BurdaStyle. My construction […]

Under Construction: Granny’s Clothespin Apron

Under Construction provides a peek at works in progress. The pouch is mostly finished. I *should* wrap up this clothespin apron this week. It’s a project from “One-Yard Wonders.” Diapers of all colors. Why a clothespin apron, you ask? Das Baby will be wearing cloth diapers, and the colorful covers must be line dried. A […]

Duvet fix

All tied up and much improved. It’s been a cold spring in Milwaukee. It took me a while to finally drag the duvet off my bed. But when I did, I made a fix that I had been meaning to conduct for a long time. Let’s talk duvet pros and cons —Pro: Super warm when […]

Black chain pencil skirt: Hold fast

Hand-sewing the button. How very analog! OK, homies. The next thing I did to the muslin was add a buttonhole, and it was so easy, it was practically a nonevent. The buttonhole foot is goofy looking. The button goes in an adjustable holder the back. By some technological magic, the buttonhole foot knows, based on […]

Black chain pencil skirt: Waisted

I followed these directions, from Sew What! Skirts, to make the waistband. [Click image for a readable view.] The waistband was the next step on my test garment, and it’s been the most fun part of making this skirt so far. “Fun” may seem like a goofy way to describe a sewing step, but it’s […]

Black chain pencil skirt: Shaping up

Hand-pinned darts. [Click for a larger view.] The thing about darts that kinda drives me bananas is that there aren’t really rules for them. There’s no equation (that I know of) of waist-to-hip ratio that reveals how long and wide a dart should be and where it should be placed. It’s all about feel. And […]

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