Creepy flannel

In the flannel shirting section at Jo-Ann. This flannel crept into my brain last week, and I can’t get it out. It raised all sorts of questions. Who would make a bug flannel shirt? Who would wear a bug flannel shirt? Is a bug flannel shirt ironic, or just weird? Where would I wear a […]

Under Construction: Jogging stroller redux | Cleaning, pattern making

Under Construction provides a peek at works in progress.  This weekend MVH and I got serious about fixing the jogging stroller. At Paul’s latest well-baby visit, our pediatrician said we could put him in the jogging stroller if it had the appropriate safety gear. It has a five-point harness, just like his car seat, so […]

More knit woes

Knit fabric woes, not knitting woes. I broke up with knitting a while ago.   I wasn’t going to blog about this, because it seemed like a nothing event: I was going to hem a knit skirt. Borophyll. It was going to take 10 minutes.   I decided how long the skirt should be, cut […]

Wishful Thinking: Sorbetto top

Wishful Thinking shares projects that catch my eye — and their likelihood of completion. The Sorbetto top. The Sorbetto tank from Colette Patterns was a freebie this spring, and I feel like it showed up on all sorts of sewing blogs. Casey over at Elegant Musings even riffed on the pattern and gave it a […]

Bought instead of made

The order is placed for these nursing pads. Remember in this post how I talked about how easy it would be to make nursing pads?   I still think it would be easy. But that didn’t stop me from ordering more pads this past weekend.   I promised MVH I’d start work on sewn stuff […]

I make a cat situpon, they make a dress

Say, that fabric looks familiar…   Cruising through my Google Reader recently, I came across this post from BurdaStyle. The woman’s dress is the same fabric I used to make my cat situpon, as discussed in this post.   The Liberty of London fabric, in case you’re interested, is the Fordwych pattern in blue from […]

Done and Done: Breastpump bra

Remember this nursing bustier I linked to in this post? Of course you do. How do you forget a picture like that? Answer: you don’t. Nor will you forget this picture:   This is all kinds of crazy and amazing. The product is a hands-free organic cotton pumping bra, as modeled by Mother Nature. In […]

Under Construction: Breastpump bra

Under Construction provides a peek at works in progress. This is how I blog. (Well, not yet.) There comes a time in the life of every nursing mother when her thoughts turn to pumping. (Please forgive me; I’ve got breasts on the brain these days.) I bought (and returned) a pre-made pumping bra. After I […]

Under Construction: Jogging stroller redux

Under Construction provides a peek at works in progress.   MVH hoses down the jogging stroller. My parents’ neighbors had a rummage sale a number of years ago, and at the end of the sale, this jogging stroller remained unsold. It was wheeled to the end of their driveway for garbage collection. Knowing we were […]

Babycentric: Nursing pads

I’ve got a new baby, and a lot of my making has been babycentric. Here’s a look at one creation.  Extra nursing pads, made from a cloth diaper insert. Along with cloth diapers, I’ve been using washable nursing pads. I use the cotton pads at night, and during the day I use reusable silicone nursing […]

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