Cut-Up Couture

Upcycling guide. Image via Sew Daily shop. Do you subscribe to Sew Daily’s email newsletter? The Sew Daily site is a product of Interweave, a publisher of sewing and other craft books. The newsletter highlights projects and books designed to keep creative juices flowing. A recent email featured “Cut-Up Couture,” a book on upcycling men’s […]

Under Construction: Flannel shirt of blue

The pattern and scraps. I don’t know about you, but I’m kinda getting bored with the Cook’s Illustrated reviews. Let’s take a break, shall we? I’ve been working on my most ambitious sewing project to date: a classic shirt. The pattern is from the Built By Wendy “Sew U” book.This shirt is a long time […]

Sports bra fix

The patch from the outside of the sports bra. So when you start breastfeeding a baby, your breasts change. (Hello, Ms. Obvious!) I truly gained an appreciation for these changes during my first postpartum run. Ouch. I needed a new sports bra, and after some research, I decided on the Juno by Moving Comfort. And […]

Under Construction: Sorbetto top | Pattern puzzle

Under Construction provides a peek at works in progress. The pattern before I taped it together. I am not standing on one foot here; don’t believe your eyes. But believe in the awesomeness of my mattified gold pedicure. I finally got around to putting together the Sorbetto pattern last night, and I thought you’d like […]

Done and Done: Smock for a little one

The surprise sewing project is a smock! Click on image for greater detail. Any chance you guessed I was making the Swing Swing Smock from “Bend-the-Rules Sewing“? That’s what I sewed for my little pal, F, daughter of my longtime pal, Lori O’Neil, who blogs over at Imperfectly Living. F shows off her new reversible […]

Under Construction: Sorbetto top | Custom color

Under Construction provides a peek at works in progress. The fixings for a Sorbetto top. The pattern on the white cotton adds a visual texture that I think will play nicely with the lace and smooth bias binding.ย  One recent night after I put the boy to bed, I printed the pattern and instructions for […]

Done and Done: Knit woes overcome!

 This skirt used to hit the bottom of my kneecaps. This is a much better length, don’t you think? In this post I shared some choice tips and videos for sewing with knits. I put them to good use and hemmed the knit skirt under discussion. And the sewing did take all of 10 minutes […]

Under Construction: It’s a surprise

 Bright prints! This project is a surprise for a very special little person. It’s a goodie from “Bend-the-Rules Sewing,” and I’ve made some design modifications. Stay tuned!  Details and pink bias binding.

Under Construction: Jogging stroller redux | Support strap stitched

The old support strap and the new support strap. I matched the dimensions really well. Here’s the latest on the stroller: I cut the new support strap and stitched its edges.ย  To finish the outer edges, I stitched them twice, trapping the raw edge inside the finished edge. As I mentioned in my last post […]

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