Done and Done

Done and Done: Smock for a little one

The surprise sewing project is a smock! Click on image for greater detail. Any chance you guessed I was making the Swing Swing Smock from “Bend-the-Rules Sewing“? That’s what I sewed for my little pal, F, daughter of my longtime pal, Lori O’Neil, who blogs over at Imperfectly Living. F shows off her new reversible […]

Done and Done: Knit woes overcome!

 This skirt used to hit the bottom of my kneecaps. This is a much better length, don’t you think? In this post I shared some choice tips and videos for sewing with knits. I put them to good use and hemmed the knit skirt under discussion. And the sewing did take all of 10 minutes […]

Done and Done: Breastpump bra

Remember this nursing bustier I linked to in this post? Of course you do. How do you forget a picture like that? Answer: you don’t. Nor will you forget this picture: ย  This is all kinds of crazy and amazing. The product is a hands-free organic cotton pumping bra, as modeled by Mother Nature. In […]

Done and Done: Situpon for cats

Let’s get critical about a finished project. Kitty and Gato demonstrate proper use of a cat situpon. Here’s a project from the archives. I made this seat protector last summer to keep cat fur off a red chair in my living room. I refer to it as a situpon, a nod to my days in […]

Granny’s Clothespin Apron in practice

A sunny day to chase diaper funk away. Photo by MVH. Check it out, dudes. MVH hung a clothesline for us, and I’m putting my fab clothespin apron to use. Very handy! I love how the diapers look like a little rainbow. My only worry is that Paul may have allergies (pollen, grass, etc.) we […]

Done and Done: Granny’s Clothespin Apron

Let’s get critical about a finished project. ย Image via Storey Publishing. I completed Granny’s Clothespin Apron last week. (It appears in the upper-right corner of the book’s cover image.) Like I said in this post, I needed a catchall for clothespins because Das Baby’s cloth-diaper covers need to be line-dried. The good The final product […]

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