Cutting Slippery Fabric: How I Learned the Hard Way

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Cutting slippery fabric can be a beastly sewing task. It shifts. It slips away. It bunches up when you ever-so-gently brush against it when you’re trying really REALLY hard not to handle it any more than it needs to be handled. This is the story of how I learned how to cut slippery fabric the hard way — and the technique I use today to ensure drama-free, slippery-fabric slicing. […]

How to Sew (Almost) Any Waistband: My Technique [VIDEO]

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Sewing a waistband speeds along — until you get to the final step of blind stitching by hand the inner waistband to the pants or skirt. Hand stitching isn’t hard, but it’s certainly not fast, either. Keep reading to learn a hand-stitching-free technique for sewing a waistband. It’s quicker thank hand sewing and produces a tidy result, inside and out! […]

Thoughts on Size Inclusivity

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There’s been a major conversation happening lately among sewists about size inclusivity and the lack thereof in the indie sewing community. It’s been intense, uncomfortable, and necessary. […]

5 Lessons from Parenthood That Totally Apply to Sewing

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Since I became a mom in 2011, I’ve learned a lot about myself, my husband, our sons, and our extended family. I’ve found a lot of mom-ing lessons overlap with sewing, actually, and I thought you’d be interested in the connections I’ve made between parenthood and my sewing practice. […]

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