The Cook’s Illustrated cooking challenge

Christopher Kimball is founder and editor of Cook’s Illustrated, and you’ve probably seen him lurking around “America’s Test Kitchen.” This may be the best OR the worst idea I’ve had in a long time. I aim to cook each dish in the September/October 2011 issue of Cook’s Illustrated. In case you’re not familiar with Cook’s […]

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Under Construction: Sorbetto top | Custom color

Under Construction provides a peek at works in progress. The fixings for a Sorbetto top. The pattern on the white cotton adds a visual texture that I think will play nicely with the lace and smooth bias binding.ย  One recent night after I put the boy to bed, I printed the pattern and instructions for […]

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Done and Done: Knit woes overcome!

 This skirt used to hit the bottom of my kneecaps. This is a much better length, don’t you think? In this post I shared some choice tips and videos for sewing with knits. I put them to good use and hemmed the knit skirt under discussion. And the sewing did take all of 10 minutes […]

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Under Construction: It’s a surprise

 Bright prints! This project is a surprise for a very special little person. It’s a goodie from “Bend-the-Rules Sewing,” and I’ve made some design modifications. Stay tuned!  Details and pink bias binding.

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Under Construction: Jogging stroller redux | Support strap stitched

The old support strap and the new support strap. I matched the dimensions really well. Here’s the latest on the stroller: I cut the new support strap and stitched its edges.ย  To finish the outer edges, I stitched them twice, trapping the raw edge inside the finished edge. As I mentioned in my last post […]

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Creepy flannel

In the flannel shirting section at Jo-Ann. This flannel crept into my brain last week, and I can’t get it out. It raised all sorts of questions. Who would make a bug flannel shirt? Who would wear a bug flannel shirt? Is a bug flannel shirt ironic, or just weird? Where would I wear a […]

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