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How to Sew (Almost) Any Waistband: My Technique [VIDEO]

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Sewing a waistband speeds along — until you get to the final step of blind stitching by hand the inner waistband to the pants or skirt. Hand stitching isn’t hard, but it’s certainly not fast, either. Keep reading to learn a hand-stitching-free technique for sewing a waistband. It’s quicker thank hand sewing and produces a tidy result, inside and out! […]

Lucent Visor: The Urban Bonnet

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The Lucent visor from Pattern Fantastique is a piece of work, and I mean that in the best way. When I showed it to the hubs, he called it my “bonnet,” but quickly added, “It’s a cool, modern bonnet.” I’ll take it! I refer to my Lucent visor as my “urban bonnet,” in homage to the urban sombrero on “Seinfeld” — except the Lucent visor is no joke. […]

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