In this Work in Progress video, I go behind the scenes of sewing the Riva jumpsuit from Fibre Mood sewing pattern magazine - and all the missteps I took along the way to its completion!

Did you read last week’s post about the Riva jumpsuit? If that’s a big negative on your part, go back and read that FIRST before you watch this week’s Work in Progress.

In the latest WIP, you’ll go behind the scenes of jumpsuit construction. This wasn’t a particularly complicated sewing pattern, but danged if I didn’t have a heckuva of time, thanks to silly mistakes. My hope is that you’ll watch this vid, learn from my dumb-dumb moments, and feel better about your own inevitable boo-boos. They happen to all of us.

WIP Links

Here are links to stuff mentioned in the video:

The Riva jumpsuit post:ย Riva Jumpsuit: Every Mistake is a Lesson Learned.

Here’s a post all about Fibre Mood magazine:ย New Sewing Magazine Alert! Read Fibre Mood with Me | VIDEO.

Here’s my big Olfa cutting mat; it’s glorious and my ride-or-die sewing room tool. (My mat’s not double-sided like this one, unfortunately.)

Here’s a cat onesie that’s very similar to my kitteh PJs (which I got at Target a few years back). It’s warm, y’all, and my younger son thinks it’s hilarious to pull my tail (rude).

I love a blind hem. Here’s Amazon’s Choice for “blind hem foot,” which fits most low-shank machines.

Here’s my jumpsuit fabric on Joann’s website. It was fab to work with; highly recommend.

Watch Sew Over It’s video on viscose-sewing tips.

What should I cover in a beginner sewing blog? Here’s what members of The Fold Line have to say about that.

Here’s that cuuuuute McCall’s jumpsuit from Pound Cake sewing blog. It’s McCall’s M7577.

Ponder suggestions for a cold-weather maxi skirt, as discussed on

Katie Kortman’s painted shoes are an utter delight!

OK, sewing peeps! I’ll see you for another WIP on Nov. 7. Should you like another Sie Macht video in the meantime, I suggest signing up for the Sie Macht newsletter; the October edition comes out THIS Saturday (Oct. 26), and it features my top three suggestions for a capsule wardrobe for a beginner sewist. (Hey, I’m just saying.)

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