Welcome to the first installation of Work in Progress, Sie Macht's sort-of vlog. Greetings, sewists! Today is the first installment of Work in Progress, an every-other-week video where you get to catch up with me, Erin VH.

Work in Progress (WIP, if you will) is a behind-the-scene chronicle of my labor on Sie Macht. At the beginning of September on Instagram, I started recording my weekly work accomplishments. I wanted to focus more on what I had done than on what I had failed to do in an effort to hype myself up.

This weekly record lasted two weeks. OOPS. So, WIP is my second attempt to log what I’m working on.

What to Expect in a Work in Progress Video

WIP vids will be 10-15 minutes, and they’ll have two parts. The first part will be a collection of short videos I take over two weeks to show you what I’m working on — sewing projects, brainstorming content, etc. I’m going to do these on my phone in the interest of spontaneity.

The second part of a WIP episde will feature “sewcial” media – IG posts, blog posts, videos, etc. — that I think you’d enjoy. These sewcial media selections will take the place of the Notable 7 — a roundup of seven sewing-related stories — in the Sie Macht email. I thought it would be more fun to share more often what other sewists are getting up to.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on WIP in a comment! I’m excited to be connecting with you once a week, instead of every other week. I hope you don’t get sick of me, LOL.

WIP Links

Here are links to stuff I mentioned in the video.

Here’s a blog post where I feature my teal Briar dress: The Great Dress-Off: Knits vs. Wovens.

Check out this post on the Seamwork Olso: Seamwork Olso review: At ease in a classic cardigan.

The post I was working on was this guy: The Fastest Way to Assemble PDF Sewing Patterns [VIDEO].

I got the glue bottle image from Unsplash; it’s my favorite source for high-quality, FREE blog and social images.

Here’s the Riva jumpsuit I’m sewing.

Should you be interested, here’s a post all about Fibremood magazine, source of the Riva jumpsuit: New Sewing Magazine Alert! Read Fibre Mood with Me | VIDEO.

This is the hyper-popular Zadie jumpsuit.

The Craft Industry Alliance shares IKEA furniture hacks for the craft room.

I largely furnished my sewing room with IKEA furniture: New Sewing Room Setup: An IKEA Sewing Room Makeover | TOUR.

This seam allowance hack, which appeared in The Self-Sewn Wardrobe Facebook Group, is brilliantly analog and brilliant.

Again, these Mood pinafore patterns are killing me in the best way.

Here are details on Mood’s costume contest.

From the Department of Non-Sewing: Behind the scenes of Billie Eilish’s mind-bending SNL performance.

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