Try these 26 alphabetical suggestions for kick-starting your sewjo.

When I shared my No. 1 tip for instant sewjo, I ended up with extra tips — so many extra hacks that I had one tip for each letter of the alphabet.

Waning sewjo is a major bummer. Ugh, there’s few things that get me more down creatively than feeling no zip of electricity when I look over my fabric stash, sewing machines, patterns, or sewing books. Like, WHAT GIVES?

As I covered in the previous sewjo post, your itch to stitch can evaporate for lots of different reasons. And, thankfully, there are lots of different ways to resurrect your sewjo.

Here’s an alphabetical-ish list of 26 ways to bring back your sewjo!

A: Ask for Accountability

Tell your partner, co-worker, neighbor, Instagram pal, etc. that you need help staying on track to get your sewjo working again. Set up a check-in with your accountability partner to report on your sewing happenings.

B: Hit the Easy Button

Choose a pattern or sewing technique that DOESN’T challenge you. Really. You’ll be sewing, but you won’t be stressing about sewing.

C: Try Another Craft

Give sewing a rest and take up knitting, gardening, rug making, or painting. Grab a Joann coupon and have a wander around the store; pick up what tickles your fancy.

D: Sew on a Deadline

Find an event on your calendar and sew something for it. External pressure sometimes does the trick.

E: Get Educated

Take a sewing class, online or in person. It’s a fun way to make IRL and virtual sewing friends!

F: Convert the Fail

If a so-so project’s keeping you down, try changing the hem, dyeing it, or removing the sleeves. You’ve got nothing to lose, right?

G: Go to the Mall

Let window shopping prime your creative mind. At the very least, you can smugly judge construction quality (if you’re a snob like me, HEY-YO).

H: Get Back on the Horse

Set aside the project. Make a solemn promise to yourself to work on it tomorrow for at least 15 minutes. (Likely you’ll get into a groove and keep going.)

I: Seek Inner Peace

Stop thinking about your sewjo; sit quietly to clear your mind. I’ve found, time and again, that when I force myself to work on something creative when I’m not feeling it, I don’t get anywhere and feel worse about myself.

J: Keep a Sewing Journal

Record your thoughts and feelings around sewing. This doesn’t have to a PROJECT journal in which you plan sewing work. Instead, use it as a place to reflect on how your sewing practice makes you feel.

K: Share Your Knowledge

Pop into a Facebook Group or sewing forum to answer questions. You know SO MUCH about sewing!

L: Leave Comments

Hype up and ask questions of other sewists on blogs and sewcial media. When I get comments on my blog or social media, I get SO excited! It’s easy to make someone’s day; why not spread cheer?

M: Make Plans

Choose a sewing pattern you know you’ll make in the future and plan for it TODAY. Fabric, notions, order of operations… there’s a lot of prep that can make your project move smoothly once you get around to it.

N: Stay in the Now

Refrain from sewing for a body you don’t have. Your babe-rific bod needs garments todaaaay; I’m talking about current body — not past body or future body. YOUR NOW BODY.

O: Check Out #sewingheals

This Instagram hashtag collects stories of sewists who leveraged sewing during tough times. Warning: It will make you feel feelings and inspire the crap out of you.

P: Sew a Palate Cleanser

Sew something easy — maybe a TNT — between skill-building projects. Remember: Tried-and-trues are the comfort food of sewing.

Q: Quaff a Beverage

Take a break from all-things sewing to hydrate (with water), relax (with wine), or perk up (with coffee). Bottoms up!

R: Remember Why You Sew

Is it because RTW doesn’t work for your figure? You love outrageous prints? Something else?

S: Share Your Woes on Sewcial Media

Tell fellow sewcialists that you’re having a problem. Ask for help (if you’re looking for help). If you’re looking to vent, tell your sewists peeps so they can respond accordingly.

T: Test Drive a Different Kind of Sewing

Give bag making, quilting, or home dec a go. You don’t have to only make clothes with a sewing machine.

U: Try Unselfish Sewing

I KNOW it’s weird, but you CAN sew for other people (and it may take pressure off you).

V: Visualize Victory

Athletes picture in their mind’s eye what it takes to win; what will it look like and how will you feel when your sewjo comes back? (Again, this is a no-risk technique!)

W: Challenge Your Wardrobe

Can’t pick a project? Find a hole in your wardrobe and plan a sewing project to fill it.

X: Take Extreme Action

Exorcise your sewing room by eliminating WIPs that give you bad juju (you know what they are). Harvest the fabric, buttons, zipper, or trim or donate projects that make you feel bad. You don’t need that negativity in your life!

Y: Yoga to Sewing Success

To release upper-back tension, I like rabbit pose. To psych myself up, I like star pose. And just like that, you’re feeling loose and energized! ⚡

Z: Sleep on It

Get yer zzzzs. You’ll feel better in the morning and more capable of facing your sewjo challenge. I don’t know about you, but I make poor decisions when I’m tired.

There’s the sewjo ABCs! What do you think of these suggestions? Which ones are your favorite, and which ones would you never try (and why)? Please share what YOUR suggestion for different letters! Thanks for reading.

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