Here's how to save money on Amazon: Shop the online retailer's bargain pages for discount sewing supplies. In this post, you will learn how to find sewing items for sale in Today's Deals, Coupons, Warehouse, Outlet, and more.

Here’s how to save money on Amazon: Shop the online retailer’s bargain pages for discount sewing supplies. If you know where and how to look, a bargain-hungry sewist definitely can save cash on fabric, storage, furniture, notions, sewing machines, and more.

[NOTE: Amazon updates its site and app all the time. I’m in the process of updating this content, so please forgive me if it leads you to unexpected places. I suggest checking out How to Buy Cheap Fabric on Amazon for a look into Amazon’s discount departments. Thanks for understanding.]

In this post (and companion video!), you will learn how to find sewing items for sale in:

  • Warehouse
  • Today’s Deals
  • Coupons
  • Renewed
  • Outlet
  • Woot! Deals
  • Giveaway
  • Bargain Finds

I’d be willing to bet some of you never have shopped or even heard of these Amazon bargain pages. As I mentioned in the post on Amazon tricks for fabric shopping, people — particularly sewing people — want to share advice. I am no exception, and I can’t wait for you to dig into these sewing bargains for yourself.

How to Save Money on Amazon via Desktop

Heads up: The first part of this mega post (sorry not sorry — info on discount sewing supplies knows no word count) focuses on how to find and browse the bargain pages via desktop or laptop. (IMO, this is the most user-friendly way to bargain shop on Amazon.) The second part gets into searching via the Amazon app and mobile site (i.e., mobile devices).

Amazon Warehouse

Amazon Warehouse is the spot for used and open-box merchandise, and it’s a great landing page for all your discount sewing supplies, whatever your needs are. That’s because links to Amazon’s other deal pages — Today’s Deals (aka Gold Box), Coupons, Refurbished Deals, Outlet, Warehouse Deals, Digital Deals, and Woot! Deals — sit on the top of the Warehouse page.

The Amazon Warehouse is a good jumping-off point for saving money on Amazon.

The easiest way to get to the Warehouse page is to use Amazon’s search bar. Instead of typing “Warehouse” in the field, use the drop-down menu (that picks departments) to access Amazon Warehouse. Hit enter, and you’ll go to the Warehouse.

Here’s another hot Amazon navigation tip for you: From the main menu (the three-line “hamburger” icon in the upper left), scroll to full store directory. The full store directory gives you links to everything on the site. The bargain pages are links at the bottom of the directory in tiny type; try doing a search on page (Control/Command + F for find) to locate the links fast.

If you navigate to Amazon's full site directory, you can find links to its bargain pages.

Back to the Warehouse! You can search for Warehouse items via the search bar (as long as the drop-down menu reads “Amazon Warehouse.” Or you can use the list of departments, including Arts, Crafts & Sewing, on the left. (From there you can do all your filtering.)

A cool subdepartment of Warehouse is the Bargain Bin, where all items are at least 50 percent off. Bargain Bin includes closeouts. (The jagged line shows the Bargain Bin linked graphic is down page on the Warehouse page.)

The Amazon Warehouse features a Bargain Bin of goodies 50 percent (or more) off.

Please note that Warehouse items, and all bargain department items, change frequently and often are not restocked. In other words, get ’em while they’re hot!

Today’s Deals on Amazon

Access the Today’s Deals page via a link at the top of the Amazon homepage or via the Warehouse page. Today’s Deals has kind of a QVC vibe. In this department, you can filter for:

  • Deal of the Day
  • Lightning Deals
  • Savings & Sales
  • Coupons
  • Prime Early Access Deals

You also can filter by discount. This means that you can search for products that are 10 percent, 25 percent, 50 percent, and 70 percent off — or more! Cha-ching! But let’s not stop here. I have a super-cool discount trick that works beyond bargain pages.

You can filter Today's Deals by discount! Cha-ching. That's one way to save money on Amazon.

Add &pct-off=[number]- to an Amazon URL to search percentage discounts. For example, if I wanted to search for discounts of 90 percent, I’d add &pct-off=90-. The URL for 90 percent discounts in Arts, Crafts & Sewing is See how I included &pct-off=90- at the end of the URL? You can replace the number with any percentage discount you please, e.g., &pct-off=70-, &pct-off=50-, etc.

Here's how to shop for Amazon items that are 90 percent off. YOU'RE WELCOME.

Now, if you don’t feel like monkeying with an Amazon URL, here are links to percentage discounts in Arts, Crafts & Sewing:

Arts, Crafts & Sewing: 90% off80% off70% off60% off50% off40% off30% off20% off10% off

Go forth and save! Now I know how Oprah feels when she gives away cars.

Amazon Coupons

The Coupons page is kinda weird. The home page features coupons from all departments. You can filter by department on the left-side menu, but Arts, Crafts & Sewing isn’t present.

However, if you go to the search bar and make sure the drop down says Amazon Coupons, you can enter “sewing” to search for sewing coupons. After you hit enter, you’ll see Arts, Crafts & Sewing appear on the left-side menu. If you click that link, you’ll see Arts, Crafts & Sewing categories.

Search for coupons in different Amazon departments, including Arts, Crafts & Sewing.

IMO, the coupons available on different products get lost in the listing. Keep your eyes peels for an orange flag in a listing, a graphic that says something like, “Save 5%”, or “Save $5.00.” When you click through to the product page, there’s a box for you to check to apply the coupon savings at checkout.

Look for the coupon graphic on individual product listings. Check the box and collect your savings at checkout.

Anyhoo, you “clip” coupons during a shopping sesh, and they’re applied at checkout. It’s pretty darn easy.

Amazon Renewed

These are Amazon’s refurbished deals — used or open-box products that have been overhauled and certified. This department is heavy on electronics (e.g., computers, printers), but it could be a great place to score a deal on a sewing machine or serger. Renewed items come with 90-day guarantee.

Amazon Outlet

The outlet is for Amazon overstock. I found two simple ways to access outlet goodies in Arts, Crafts & Sewing.

The first way is to enter “sewing” in the search bar. Make sure the drop-down menu says Outlet. The second way is to scroll down the Outlet page to see the list of departments (on the left). Arts, Crafts & Sewing is there for you to click.

The outlet also has a few other ways for you to save money on Amazon:

Click the links above and type “Sewing” (or whatevs, I suppose) in the search bar. Just make sure the drop-down menu reflects where you’d like to be browsing — e.g., Outlet Best Sellers, Outlet Super Discounts, etc.

Woot! Deals

Amazon owns Woot!, which does flash sales on all sorts of stuff. It reminds me of a mini-T.J. Maxx with a wacky sense of humor.

Find Arts, Crafts & Sewing products under the Home & Kitchen department. (FYI, there won’t always been deals, which means Arts, Crafts & Sewing won’t always be listed.) If you can catch them, Woot! has fab deals on sewing machines. To get a flavor, do a site search for sewing on Woot! in your browser URL bar (sewing The first few pages are results are sold-out sewing machines (like the one below).

Amazon owns Woot!, which often has ripping deals on sewing machines.

Amazon Giveaway

On the desktop version of Amazon, Giveaway is kept on the DL. The only way I’ve found to access the Giveaway page is to type “Giveaway” in the Amazon search bar.

When you land on the Giveaway page, you’ll see a bunch of products. Amazon sellers add products to the Giveaway program as a marketing tactic. When I was researching this post, there were more than 3,000 goodies up for giveaway.

Feeling lucky? Amazon Giveaway offers chances to win products. It's a marketing tool for vendors.

How do you use Giveaway? Click a product. You’ll see a box that declares, “Tap the box to see if you win.” The box opens and tells you whether you’ve won.

If you don’t win (which, in my experience, happens most of the time), it’s likely you’ll receive a discount for entering the giveaway. See below!

Here's what it looks like when you DON'T win an Amazon Giveaway. Maybe next time. How's that for a way to save money on Amazon?

Sometimes you have to watch a promo vid to enter. Sometimes you have to follow a seller to enter. Sometimes there’s no entry requirement. The giveaways are fun to explore. From what I can tell, you can’t search Giveaway via Amazon (or even by doing a site search), but if you do a web search for “Amazon Giveaway filter,” you’ll come up with a few sites (e.g.,,, that look to have tools for sorting Giveaway goodies. (I didn’t dig deeply into these sites, BTW.)

Amazon Bargain Finds

I think you could consider Bargain Finds an Amazon secret. It’s a small collection of items all under $15 (with a few exceptions). The only ways I’ve been able to access Bargain Finds is:

  • Via a web (Google) search for “Amazon Bargain Finds”
  • By doing a site search for Bargain Finds — bargain finds
  • By doing a Control/Command + F for “bargain” on the full store directory page

Amazon Bargain Finds is a secret on the online retailer's desktop site. However, it's easy to access via mobile and the app. What the hey?

When I scoped out Bargain Finds, I didn’t find anything that was particularly Arts, Crafts & Sewing-ish. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check it out for other sewing practice needs. (Ahem, see the next section.)

And now, for your viewing pleasure, here’s a video of how to access Amazon’s bargain pages via desktop:

Thinking Outside the Arts, Crafts & Sewing Department

Sewists need SO MUCH MORE than what you can find in Amazon’s Arts, Crafts & Sewing department. Now that you have all these secrets on how to save money on Amazon, branch out to search for deals on storage, furniture, and office supplies, among many other items that could support your sewing practice.

For example, scour Amazon for deals on garments to hack or use as a sewing pattern. There are lots of opportunities for you to harvest fabric — generously-sized clothing, curtains, blankets, scarves/wraps, and bed sheets come to mind. Have a virtual wander around bargain pages and see what inspires you!

Shopping with the Amazon App or Mobile Site

Now I must chat about how to access Amazon’s bargain pages should you not be shopping on your desktop or laptop. I do most of my Amazon shopping on my phone via the app. I know what it’s like to realize you need to buy something when you’re not in front of your computer (this is my constant state of being)!

I came up with these directions using my Android phone and the mobile simulator via Google Chrome’s Developer Tools. I don’t have access to an iPhone, but I have a feeling these directions probably work for your iOS device, too. If you’re an iPhone user and discover a different way to access bargains pages, please leave a comment.

When in doubt, search your desired deal department in the Amazon search bar. It likely will pop up!

Deal Departments via Mobile Site

I went to the mobile site via

Amazon Warehouse

In the search bar, type “Amazon Warehouse” and hit enter. You’ll see a graphic for Amazon Warehouse. Click and go.

Here's how to access Amazon Warehouse via the mobile site.

In the Warehouse, you can use the search bar, which says “Search in Amazon Warehouse.” You also can scroll to filter the Warehouse by department, and you can further filter a department (e.g., Arts, Crafts & Sewing) by category.

Filter the mobile Amazon Warehouse by departments and categories.

Today’s Deals

Go to the main menu and click “Today’s Deals.” The Today’s Deals page features Deals of the Day, Lightning Deals, and Savings & Sales. Filtering is limited to department (e.g., Arts, Crafts & Sewing) after you’ve clicked through to deal type.

Amazon Coupons

Search for “Amazon Coupons.” You’ll see a page with coupons in several departments (e.g., Prime Pantry, Health & Personal Care), a graphic that reads “Save Even More with Amazon Coupons,” and a search bar for searching within Amazon Coupons.

Here's how to search Amazon Coupons on the mobile site.

Click the graphic. From the main Coupons page you can filter by department. Arts, Crafts & Sewing isn’t listed; there were coupons for sewing kits under Home, so I suspect that coupons for craft-type goodies live there. I suggest searching for “sewing” in the search bar within Amazon Coupons (as previously mentioned).

Amazon Renewed

Type “refurbished” in the search bar. The top result is a graphic for Amazon Renewed. Click it and navigate to the Renewed homepage.

Amazon Renewed is Amazon's marketplace for refurbished and certified pre-owned goods.

The search bar will let you search within Amazon Renewed. You also can browse for Arts, Crafts & Sewing items (e.g., sewing machines) by scrolling down and clicking the Home & Kitchen department.

Amazon Outlet

Click the main (hamburger) menu, and follow this path: See All Programs & Features > Amazon Outlet > Home & Furniture > Outlet Deals in Home Filter > Arts, Crafts & Sewing.

Woot! Deals

When you search “Woot!” on the Amazon mobile site, the top result is the free Woot! app. If you want to shop Woot! deals on a mobile device, get the app.

Amazon Giveaways

Enter “giveaway” in the search bar or visit

Amazon Bargain Finds

Navigate to Bargain Finds like so: Main Menu > See All Programs & Features > Bargain Finds.

Deal Departments via Amazon App

Amazon Warehouse

Click the main menu and Shop by Department. Choose Amazon Warehouse. Scroll to Shop by Category and click any category.

Click Filter > Departments. Click Amazon Warehouse; all the departments will be listed, including Arts, Crafts, & Sewing. Under Arts, Crafts, & Sewing, you can choose a category (e.g., Fabric).

Here's how to filter for the Arts, Crafts & Sewing department categories in the Amazon Warehouse via the app.

Amazon Giveaways

Click the main menu and Programs and Features. Click Giveaways.

Amazon Renewed

It’s not yet available on the app! I spoke with an Amazon customer service rep.

Amazon Coupons

Enter “Amazon Coupons” in the search bar. My top result said, “Save Up to 35% with Amazon Coupons.” Click and start clipping! I have to mention the icon doesn’t look like an Amazon product (there’s no arrow smile).

You can search for Amazon Coupons on the app.

Today’s Deals

Click main menu and Today’s Deals. The filter here is your main tool; you can choose deal type (Lightning, Coupons, etc.) and department, among other things.

Use the filter to sort through Today's Deals on the Amazon app.

Click Filter > Department > Arts, Crafts & Sewing.

Amazon Outlet

Search Amazon Outlet. My first search result said, “Shop outlet store. Find markdowns on overstocked items.” Click and get your outlet shopping on.

Amazon Bargain Finds

From the app’s homepage, scroll to a section called Budget-Friendly Items and click See More. The app deposits you in Bargain Finds.

You can access Amazon Bargain Finds on the app homepage by looking for "Budget-Friendly Items."

You also can get to Bargain Finds via the main menu: Programs and Features > Bargain Finds.

A Word About Amazon Prime

You probably know about Amazon Prime, the subscription program that’s best-known for free two-day shipping. But you also can access exclusive deals with a Prime membership, including Prime-only coupons and early access to sales.

You can test drive the savings potential of Prime with a 30-day free membership. (If you’re a student, you can trial a 6-month Prime membership for free!)

Over to you, sewing friends: How often do you shop for sewing goodies on Amazon? What’s your best sewing bargain to date? And now that you know alllll about these bargain pages, what are you going to search for first? 🤔 Please sound off in comments! Thanks for reading!

P.S. Here’s the previous post: Amazon Tricks for Fabric Shopping: The Ultimate Guide for Sewists. It’s a good complement to this post, IMHO.

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