Month: March 2017

Sewing vlog: A minor haul of sewing classes, patterns, etc.

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I’ve made a number of cool sewing purchases lately, and I thought my fellow sewing friends might be interested to see what’s come into my possession. So I’ve vlogged about it! In this approximately 23-minute video, you will discover: which indie-pattern designer I think would make a great hostage negotiator […]

Wardrobe Architect Part 2: My silhouettes, colors, and beauty

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In Part 1 of my Wardrobe Architect series, I explored my style story β€” personal history, values, lifestyle, and core style. Part 2 is fashion-y part of planning a wardrobe β€” exploring specific silhouettes, colors, and beauty. This is the window shopping, where I gawk at pretty things and imagine how they’d work in my life. Price is no object as I kick around reasoned hypotheticals. This is thought-exercise time for me as a wardrobe curator. […]

How to press scuba knit and more: Tips for working with scuba fabric

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Scuba knit fabric is having a moment. It’s showing up at my local Jo-Ann, and Threads magazine ran a big scuba knit article in late 2016. I used scuba knit to sew the Victory Patterns Jackie dress. I’d never worked with scuba, and it took some research to figure out best pressing practices. That’s when I decided to write all MY tips for working with scuba fabric. So, dear sewing friends, keep reading to learn scuba knit basics, how to press scuba knit, and more tips for working with scuba fabric. […]

Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater #1: The girly sweatshirt

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Isn’t “sweatshirt” a gross word? Really, why would you want to wear something with “sweat” in its name? Nevertheless, I’m so gung-ho about the Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater #1, which is a lean and ladylike sweatshirt. (Well, it’s as ladylike as a sweatshirt gets, let’s say.) Keep reading for construction details, all the ways I love this sweatshirt, and tips for sewing your own Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater #1. […]

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