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Review four sewing patterns for yoga clothes, side by side! Patterns under consideration include: McCall's M7446; Papercut Patterns' Pneuma bra/top and Oh La La leggings; Seamwork's Aires leggings and Rio top; and Fehr Trade's Knot-Maste top and bottoms. Choose your yogi style and get sewing!

I’ve got sewing patterns for yoga clothes on the brain. That’s because I’m participating in a month-long yoga challenge. (If you’re interested, it’s Yoga Revolution, hosted by Yoga with Adriene, and it’s good stuff! Join the fun!)

Every day this year, I’ve hit the yoga mat, and every day, I’ve thought about yoga sewing patterns. So it’s clear that sewing activewear is in my future! (Keep reading to find out what I’ll be sewing!)

In predictable Type A fashion, I’ve researched and written a mini guide for sewing patterns for yoga clothes. Following is a side-by-side comparison of four yoga sewing patterns:

  • McCall’s M7446 leggings, jacket, and top (print)
  • Papercut Patterns Pneuma top and Ooh La La leggings (print or PDF)
  • Fehr Trade Knot-Maste top and bottoms (PDF)
  • Seamwork Rio top and Aires leggings (PDF)

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Some deep thoughts about yoga and sewing practices

A new year is a great time to start new habits. Yoga (obviously) is a healthy habit for your body (and brain). Sewing is a healthy habit for your brain and imagination.

But sewing and yoga share more in common. Both are practices that deepen over time.

You’ll never master sewing completely. There always will be something else to learn.

It’s the same with yoga. There’s always another pose to explore, or another way to explore a pose you’ve always practiced.

With both practices, you have to take a deep breath, smile, and do your best.

I’ve tried to bring the balance of mental toughness and ease of movement from my yoga practice to my sewing practice. Yoga has helped me be kinder to myself and more aware of my actions as I sew, and that’s made me a better sewist.

McCall’s M7446

OK, enough head stuff! Let’s dive into the patterns, my fellow sewing yogis! Check out their features, and decide which sewing patterns for yoga clothes best match your stitching skills and yogi style! Namaste!

McCall's M7446 yoga sewing pattern features a swingy jacket, a tank in three lengths, and leggings in two lengths.


This pattern includes three garments — a swingy jacket, a racerback tank in two lengths, and contrasting-panel leggings (with a pocket!) in two lengths.

Fabric requirements

Make the jacket in a moderate stretch knit: cotton or French terry. The tank and leggings call for two-way stretch athletic knits.

Notions beyond thread

The jacket needs a separating zipper. The tank needs 3/8-inch elastic. (Turns out the leggings don’t need elastic, yay.)


I could not find tutorials for this pattern. Dixie DIY did a mini review of the M7446 leggings (along with some other activewear bottoms), but she doesn’t give construction tips. As of mid-January 2017, this pattern has not yet been reviewed on or The Fold Line. (The pattern was released in early fall 2016, so it’s still pretty new.) Try hitting up the McCall Pattern Company Group on Facebook for help.

What makes it a winner

You get a lot when you buy this pattern — a top, bottoms, and jacket. It’s a good value. The contrasting panels on the tank and leggings are on trend. The little pocket could be good for holding a credit card and ID; you’d have to be careful about sticking more in there if you practice inversions!

Real talk

Because it’s a Big 4 pattern, you don’t get the support that often comes with buying an indie pattern. If you’re new to sewing activewear knits, you could feel alone sewing this pattern if you hit roadblocks. RELATED: Sewing Outdoor Clothing: How to Outfit for Adventure: This article has many tips for selecting and sewing activewear fabrics.

Click to discover more about McCall’s M7446 (size 6-14) or (size 14-22) (those are affiliate links, FYI).

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Papercut Pneuma and Ooh La La

Papercut Patterns' Pneuma bra/tank top and Oh La La leggings are stylish sewing patterns for yoga clothes.


Pneuma is two tops in one — a strappy sports bra and an optional flowy, curved-hem tank that’s open on the sides and back. The Ooh La La leggings come in three lengths and offer color-blocking opportunities.

Fabric requirements

For Pneuma, the sports bra requires a stretchy Lycra knit and the tank requires a drapey medium-weight knit. For Ooh La La, the leggings require a a “high-stretch knit fabric with good return,” according to the Papercut website.

Notions beyond thread

The tank/bra calls for 1/2-inch and 1-inch elastic and bra strapping. The leggings call for 1-inch elastic.


Ooh La La


Both of these patterns have been out for a few years, which means lots of sewists have blogged and social media-ed Pneuma and Ooh La La. Search hashtags!

What makes it a winner

The Pneuma bra/tank combo, with its strappy sassiness, has style to burn. And the open sides and back let in breezes to cool a hard-working yogi.

The seam lines at the hips on the Ooh La La leggings look like a widow’s peak, which is slimming around the widest part of your body.

Real talk

Double straps look cool, but they often can make getting into/out of a top challenging. Cheapo elastic could make a Pneuma top super irritating to your skin. #friction

As for the Ooh La La’s, getting that widow’s peak point super sharp will take patience (and likely basting).

Click to discover more about Oh La La leggings and the Pneuma top.

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Fehr Trade Knot-Maste Yoga Set

The Knot-Maste yoga sewing pattern from Fehr Trade features a tie-back top and bottoms with ties.


The top and bottom have knotted/tie details. The pants have two length options. The top has a semi-open back and can be made with a tie or banded hem.

Fabric requirements

Use lightweight stretch jersey with at least 50 percent stretch in all directions. Bamboo jersey is highly recommended.

Notions beyond thread

The pants call for 3-inch woven (braided) elastic. The top calls for (optional) wash-away stabilizer.


There’s a Fehr Trade blog post about choosing fabric for the set. In my experience, designer Melissa Fehr is EXTREMELY responsive via social media (especially Twitter). Just ask, and she’ll probably help you out!

And Sie Macht (hey, that’s this website!) has an illustrated article on how to sew a knit neckband.

What makes it a winner

Two words: crotch gusset. I bought this pattern set (with my own USD) in part because of the gusset, which I think is an innovative design feature to increase range of movement. This is MY yoga sewing pattern of choice!

The tie back is brilliant — tie it up when you hit the mat, let it loose when you’re cooling down. Aaahhh.

Real talk

The pants have a harem vibe, and harem pants aren’t for everyone. (I’m not entirely keen on harem pants, but I’m giving these a bash anyway!)

Click to discover more about the Fehr Trade Knot-Maste yoga set.

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Seamwork Aries and Rio

The Aires leggings and Rio top from Seamwork are trendy sewing patterns for yoga clothes.


Aries is a leggings pattern with thigh contrasting panels. Rio is a scoop neck T-shirt with a high-low split hem.

Fabric requirements

Aires calls for mid- to heavy-weight athletic fabric with at least 25 percent four-way stretch. Stretch mesh is good for the contrasting panel.

Rio calls for lightweight jersey knits with 25 percent stretch. Try mesh fabric for the back bodice.

Notions beyond thread

To sew Aires, you’ll need 1/4-inch elastic. To sew Rio, you’ll need 3/8-inch clear elastic.


Seamwork shows how to add a back keyhole to Rio. While not specific to Aires, this blog post from Sewaholic shows how to stitch a faux-flatlock seam (good for sewing leggings, period!).

Should you need it, Sie Macht has a tutorial — with TONS of illustrations — of how to make a full bust adjustment on T-shirts.

What makes it a winner

Aires features a crotch gusset and a waistband pocket. (I ♥ gussets and pockets.) After you made Rio in activewear fabric, it easily could be made in an everyday knit fabric and pair wonderfully with jeans. (You can’t say that about a lot of activewear!)

Real talk

The leggings come in one length (although an enterprising sewist could change that — Melissa of Fehr Trade actually made hers full length).

Click to discover more about Aires leggings and the Rio top.

Over to you, sewing yogis: Which of these sewing patterns for yoga clothes do you like most? What other yoga sewing patterns have captured your attention? What’s your No. 1 tip for sewing activewear? Please sound off in comments! Thanks!

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P.P.S. I’d love to hear your suggestions for other pattern comparison guides. Any suggestions? LMK!

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