Month: July 2011

I make a cat situpon, they make a dress

Say, that fabric looks familiar…   Cruising through my Google Reader recently, I came across this post from BurdaStyle. The woman’s dress is the same fabric I used to make my cat situpon, as discussed in this post.   The Liberty of London fabric, in case you’re interested, is the Fordwych pattern in blue from […]

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Sweet and salty pizza

  It’s dinnertime. For your consideration: 1. Thaw homemade pizza dough. Allow to double in size in a warmish place, such as in front of a window in July when it’s 91 degrees outside. 2. Caramelize onions with sprigs of thyme. Congratulate yourself for using up thyme, which is a refrigerator orphan no more! 3. […]

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Babycentric: Animal collage

I’ve got a new baby, and a lot of my making has been babycentric. Here’s a look at one creation.     The inspiration: Golden stamp books of “Mammals of North America” and “Cats.”   Last summer, I found a pair of Golden stamp books at a rummage sale. Do you remember these activity books? […]

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Done and Done: Breastpump bra

Remember this nursing bustier I linked to in this post? Of course you do. How do you forget a picture like that? Answer: you don’t. Nor will you forget this picture:   This is all kinds of crazy and amazing. The product is a hands-free organic cotton pumping bra, as modeled by Mother Nature. In […]

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Recommended Reading: Science on your plate

Recommended Reading highlights articles and sites that I think are worth checking out.   Modernist cook Nathan Myhrvold’s passion for cross-section photographs has led to many a flameout. Photo by Ryan Matthew Smith of The Cooking Lab LLC via Smithsonian. The June issue of Smithsonian magazine features this fun article about molecular gastronomy and its […]

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Sie macht on Facebook

  Another place to find Sie macht: Facebook! Hello, gentle readers and Facebookists. Did you know that Sie macht is on Facebook? Yup. Check out that box to the right (if you’re reading at Sie macht has 10 fans! If I get 25 fans, I can customize a Facebook URL! I would LOVE it […]

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